Open floor

My apologies, everyone, but things are exploding–figuratively if not literally–here at Casa Verde. It is all part of life as a writer and life with an aging parent. Today’s challenges include working to finish the final edits on Betrayal from Ashes, which goes live the beginning of next month, as well as dealing with helping my mother get ready for what will be her last driver’s license renewal. Needless to say, this is an emotional day for her and a bit of a worrisome one for me.

So I’m leaving it to you guys to basically run the blog for the morning. Tell us the latest news you’ve heard from the publication front. Give us ideas for topics of upcoming posts. Or simply post kitten pictures to make me smile. (puppies are good too)


    1. Any idea how to find out what the text overlaid on the cat itself says? (I’m assuming “Infidel!” or “Heretic!” or some such, but we all know the problem with doing that).

        1. Thank you.

          I don’t actually recognize the alphabet used (nor was language mentioned that I caught), & am thus making another assumption, but I imagine that if that particular LOLcat image was aimed at a culture that considers cats “unclean” (or even just “food”) there might be some inherent barriers to uptake of feline-based humor.

          1. I’m pretty sure it’s Hebrew script. (Not sure what the name for that is….)

            The Arabic stuff is much more swirly.

            *reads what she wrote* OK, I fail at describing how to recognize print.

    1. I have a dead hot tub. I wonder if there’s room in the yard for something like this…

      BTW: You snuck out a new Wine of the Gods while I wasn’t looking. The three major polities seem to all pretty much suck at spying.

    1. Find it online, open the picture in a new window by itself, post that URL.

      It’s like what folks use to do to steal bandwidth from pages; direct linking the image.

          1. I’ve never managed to post a picture here successfully. I don’t know if it’s the sites I’m trying from or just my failure to sacrifice a chicken to WordPress.

            1. Black goat, new moon.

              And it’s not because it’s a Dark Art. There are SOUND TECHNICAL REASONS why you need to sacrifice it.

              (Also, for patch jobs, you need duck blood, not chicken blood. To go with the tape.)

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