Gack, ack and crap

Between a laptop that died last week, ongoing issues with my internet carrier and the fact I’m heading out to the orthopedic surgeon’s office in short order, life’s not been fun lately. It also means I haven’t had a chance to figure out a post for today. So I’m leaving it up to you guys until the kilted one posts this afternoon.

Here’s your chance to suggest topics, ask questions, etc. I’ll check in later and try to respond. Until then, I need coffee and good wishes that the doc decides my shoulder doesn’t need surgery.


11 thoughts on “Gack, ack and crap

  1. You will NOT get my coffee.

    I will, however, send off, post-haste, a line drawing wheelbarrow (two wheels, one handle) full of good wishes.

    Oops. Must head out for the first taxi run of the day…

  2. Only have tea here, and you’re likely at the doc’s already, but you have my good wishes! Good luck! May it only be physical terrorists, not surgery!

  3. *E-sends the coffee that somehow ended up three times as strong as usual this morning*

    How about…what do you do when you get stuck?

    How to write transitions?

  4. Sometimes surgery is such a good thing you realize you should have let them do it a couple years back instead of the seemingly endless therapy program that didn’t fix anything and ruined many hours, day after day with intense residual pain. Today, post-surgery my shoulder rarely does anything noticeable as long as I don’t abuse it, requires just a few minutes of non-painful stretching on a daily basis and doesn’t give me the low-level constant pain it used to.

    I’ll wish you good luck with whichever path you choose.

  5. Here’s hoping the shoulder recovers without the surgeon. Any day you don’t need surgery is a good day.

    As to the dying laptop, I feel your pain. I have finally fully recovered all my files etc. after Windows self-destructed, taking my main computer with it.

    Two things saved my butt this time. First, I had another working computer handy to recover all the files off the hard drive from the one that died. Second, I had a Network Attached Storage box backing everything up all the time. One computer is not enough anymore.

    Between all that, I was able to recover things like my browser favorites, search history, things that you don’t realize are important until they’re gone and you have to re-do them all. Like the voluminous bookmarks from that time you researched Viking skin boats.

    TLDR, I built a new computer, populated it with the recovered files etc. and I’m back in business. It only took hours and hours of patiently figuring it all out, again, because its been years since the last time anything died on my without warning. Thank God for paranoia and a crusty attitude.

    All you writer people, One Drive/iCloud/Dropbox or whatever is a -convenience-. It is not a secure place to back up all your valuable stuff. Neither is a drawer with some thumb drives kicking around in it. Get yourself situated with something that backs up all your shit 24/7 even when you forget, or you will cry later.

      1. I spend an awful lot of time writing stuff on this computer, and these things are flakey at the best of times. Also my memory isn’t what it could be. So having a certain level of paranoia about it is very helpful when things crap out.

  6. Well, here’s a topic for off-days: ask us what research questions we have issues with, and perhaps the other readers of the blog are knowledgeable on the topic.

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