The Language of the Dragon

Sorry, I got nothing about the writing business today. I’ve been under the weather to the extent I can’t even concentrate on the current book and the Witchy Widow’s card party and the gossip going on between bids — and darn it, that scene was supposed to be fun to write!

But I do have a new book out, and what’s more it’s the start of a new series, and furthermore it will be only 99 cents for the next few weeks. So if you enjoyed the slightly perverted mathematics of the Applied Topology series, you might want to take a look at what happens to human beings who twist their mouths around a seriously vowel-deficient language that came from a very alien brain… and what they can do to the fabric of the universe with that speech.

The Language of the Dragon


    1. *Links to Dragon voting appendix of this year’s Hugo trolling slate on personal alt-Right political blog.*

      More seriously, what Pat is intuiting would match what I’ve seen of the puppy kickers making a special effort elsewhere this year.

      My takeaways: The prestige of the Hugo must have been very important as a marketing tool, and the value of the Dragon must be too great to ignore. The traditional part of the publishing industry is probably very stressed right now. It may be too early to hold a funeral for Baen books. The Right flavor of everying-is-politics tedium may have some correct conclusions here, even if I am unwilling to endorse their complete platform.

      Vote your conscience, and don’t tell me anything.

  1. So, you’ve multiplied the math folks (or divided them — twisted their topology, in any case) and now you’re speaking in tongues with the linguistics department? (Good book, btw!) BUT… are you going to run through all the departments in the university? Math, linguistics… what’s next? The alchemical roots of chemistry seems like an obvious target. Or perhaps what happens when the theoretical physicists get not so theoretical? Or… Keep going, I’m enjoying reading!

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