1. The aardvark opens the door to the bonbon room. He’s not going to bring them out — you have to go get them.

  1. Hmm. Blog free day?

    1. Plant the cucumbers and peppers in the garden.
    2. Finish assembling new epee and fix the one with a broken contact spring for tomorrow’s tournament.
    3. Pull out one of the story ideas in the folder and plot it.

  2. *sets down 5 gal can.*
    All civilians clear? Good, let’s get started. I have the flame resistant paint, where is the dragons pit?

  3. I was presented with a proposal, namely that the N3F should publish a new fanzine. The relevance to MGC will momentarily be evident. The proposed title of the zine was Prose Bono, a zine on writing better fiction. Naturally, the proposer did not propose an Editrix or Editor for this literary gem. The proposer did, however, suggest that I ask the writers at MGC if they would be willing to allow their articles — well, some of their articles, as the zine would be challenged to include as many articles as appear here in a month — in the zine. Naturally, writers would get mention of heir latest books.

    1. As someone who doesn’t/can’t write/create, I would think that the blog posts on *getting paid* for what one writes are at least as important…

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