Closing the Door


There is going to be a brief hiatus in the cover series for the next two weeks because I’ll be out of the country and can’t get access to my art computer, but I planned to have a post out today, I did.

Except we woke up to insurance confusion, bank confusion and airplane travel plans confusion.  This not counting “paperwork for ceremony in Portugal confusion” for number 1 son’s religious wedding.

All of it amounting to “I can’t even.”  I can’t odd either.  Note there hasn’t been a post on my blog either, because it’s one of those days, where the crazy just tilts further and further away.

You’re going to say “What does this have to do with writing?”

Lots.  I have several books pending only an uninterrupted week to finish them, and at this point do not see that happening till July.  Which is a problem, since we need the income.

Okay, today was unusual.  We don’t usually get that much crazy packed into a morning.  As in, I just finished my coffee and it’s almost 2pm.  And most of the calls have been “bureaucracy weird.”

But because this year is the way it is, there’s been a lot of stuff like that.  And it’s very hard to hold on to the imagined world while the real world is going crazy all around you.

Kris and Dean, when I went through their first workshop told me to have a place I could close the door and just write.

But these days it’s difficult to do that.  And when it’s stuff you must “deal with right now” you do.  Even my husband who has a normal 9-to-5 job.  To put this in perspective the year has been so crazy, he’s struggling to finish his hours, sometimes till 9 pm.  Because during the day we’re dealing with crazy.

In fact, 2019 has been so crazy that it’s starting to make me wonder if astrology has a point.  Okay, not really, but…

And yet, I still must go inside, close the door and just finish books.

Kevin J. Anderson himself once told me the only way to finish more than one book a year is to go somewhere, like a mountain cabin, and just write.  Once a month or so.  I have daydreams, mostly involving a small condo somewhere near good restaurants — I’m not the mountain cabin type — but not the money for now.

Maybe if I manage to carve some time out of the chaos and maelstrom and finish books, I can at least afford air bnb a long weekend a month.

For now, that must be a dream.  And I must just make time.

I’ll have regular posts the next two weeks, but the covers will resume the Wednesday after May 15th.  And I’m sorry to be so late today.  Life has been too much with me.


  1. Enjoy the trip and family and the wedding and everything.

    We will be here when you get back.

    1. Y’know, that might not be the best thing to input to the imaginative mind of a writer. What’s the reaction going to be? “OMG, when I get back, I’m gonna haveta face THEM.”


      1. I hear the lamentations of the characters, their wails of disappointment and rage, their pleas for continuance, as they are frozen in ‘pause’, awaiting the return of their Goddess.

        “O Sarah, Beautiful but Evil Space Princess, have mercy on our spines!”


  2. *waves* Have fun storming any castles that need to be stormed. We’ll be around, mostly, ish. This time of year…

    1. Avoid the castles overgrown with red roses. Particularly ones with blood red roses and snow-white ones, too. I mean, it might not be enchanted, but why risk it?

  3. Frankly, your ability to get anything normal (well, “normal” as defined for us Odds) done, with everything else going on, has my extreme admiration.

    Just think “One down (almost), just one to go.”

    Writing that, it struck me… I have “three to go.” And, while the wife and I have no close family across the waters, and they are currently interested in ones that are just across town – Fate is surely snickering at the moment.

    Take care and enjoy. We all know why you’re not around this time, so don’t worry about us. (Well, maybe about some of us. Strange things have been known to happen when the Boss is away.)

  4. I feel the pain. I am trying to do two books a year, plus work for the various websites and other people’s books and … and … and…
    It helps that one of the books I am committed to is a Luna City volume, which is contemporary and doesn’t need much historical research.
    But still. Butt in chair, fingers on keyboard.
    *le sigh tragic*

        1. You know what’s funny? I just realized I thought of it as “a week in Denver.” Which it would be of course. But the hotel where we used to go on vacation with the kids is now 15 minutes from our house. We tend to stay at another close to the museums, when we go away, because then one or both of us can take a writing break and go walking through the art museum or take a very short uber to the botanic gardens.
          I do wonder though if it’s time to find another place for away writing weekends — eventually. The change of location is so important.

          1. You are welcome to come tour historic central VA. Yorktown, Williamsburg, St John’s Episcopal Church, heck even drive to the hive of scum and villany known as DC for a day…

              1. and yeah, i know you were here (ish) for Ravencon, but you didn’t have any time to visit the USAian holy sites while here.

  5. Take care. Do what needs doing.
    And as for astrology… all too many (folks here generally excepted) seem to have been under the sign [SLOW CHILDREN].

  6. Oh my goodness, you just gave me an idea. We have a cabin. A literal no-grid cabin on the place, foot bridge accessible across the creek. We’d have to electrify, but a bitty creek drop in generator would suffice. And we’d have to figure out a toilet/sink. No internet available. No cell service. In an emergency someone could call our landline and get the retreater in five minutes.

    I wonder if there would be enough demand. I bet the county would flip out. Sewer/water would definitely be the sticking point. Batteries could be charged at the house, actually, and water carried over, so really just sewage.

    What do you guys think? Outside of Pocatello, Idaho, thirty minutes from the airport, or three hours from SLC airport. Would there be demand for such a cabin, with meals included?

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