Plagiarism rears its ugly head again

This is why we need our readers to let us know when they see our books on pirate sites and when they suspect someone has plagiarized our work. We need to take a page from the playbooks of Courtney Milan and Nora Roberts who have had enough. Good for them.

Check out Ms. Roberts thoughts on one of the latest incidents.


  1. I find I have to be careful about reading books that are novelizations of movies or shows. I can recall back in the ’70s watching one of the Star Trek animated episodes and jumping off the couch screaming they stole Larry Niven’s story, until I saw him credited as the author. It was also the first real time I’d encountered an author redoing a story for different media.

  2. Yow. Kudos to Mrs. Roberts for laying out what she did right and what she probably should have done differently.

    I recall several years ago, when KDP was relatively new, someone from Pakistan went through all of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonrider books, changed the front pages and covers, and uploaded them as new. Fans screamed, and the ‘Zon moved very quickly to block the individual’s IP addresses and accounts. I’m not sure if McCaffrey or her estate knew about it until after Amazon acted, they moved so fast.

  3. Yowza – I’m glad, after reading this, that apparently all I have to worry about is file hogs offering my books in illicit downloads. At least – they’re putting the right name on my books, even if I get nothing from the illicit downoad!

  4. two decades ago a then well known Babylon 5 site plagiarized a friend’s image from one of the White Wolf books i worked on, added a jumpgate and Whitestar to it, and used it as a graphic. they had ‘found’ a copy of the image online and assumed it was ‘good’

  5. Two of her ghosts–independently–contacted Courtney. And both stated, again independently, Serruya sent them a mishmash of scenes, lines then told them to make it work. And apparently stiffed them afterward.

    So this plagiarist lifted lines, bits, chunks big and small, from a slew of authors and books, mashed them together then hired ghosts off a cheap labor site to cobble them into a book.

    This was her MO.

    Well, now… that MO sounds familiar.

    Also, hilarious at how someone like that becomes ‘an author.’

    1. It’s bad enough she was a plagiarist, but not properly paying off your accomplices is really dumb.

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