I got nothing



Been up to here in alligators since my last post two weeks ago, and brain function is decreasing rapidly. I can’t discuss the specifics because that would require spreading Other People’s Business all over the Internet. A couple of the largest alligators have been dispatched, but new ones just crawled out of the swamp.

Anybody who’s desperate for something to read while avoiding work is welcome to stop by my personal blog, where I’ve posted a chapter of A Revolution of Rubies, which went live some time during this whole kerfuffle. (And the structure of that “sentence” is all the evidence you need that you don’t really want to read anything I could write just now.) I hope to be back here, somewhat more coherent, and sporting alligator-hide shoes and handbag, in a couple of weeks.


  1. Hey! It’s Live! Congratulations on getting another book out! If anyone wants to just read the first chapter on their kindle instead, link to buy is:

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