Shut up! shutup! shutup!

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“That’s cultural appropriation! You can’t do that! Shutup shutup shutup!”

“Do you think that cultures have a right to maintain their traditions, especially ones with a well-documented history going back hundreds of years? Cultural patterns which are as much part of their culture as breathing is part of your living? Cultural behavior which defines them, without which they would stop being their culture?”

“Of course!”

“Good-o. Piss off, Asshole.”

“What? How dare you! Cultures have rights! I’ll tell Vile 770! We’ll get internet mob and destroy your career, livelihood, attack your family!”

“When did you stop trying to do that? Irrelevancy aside, I asked you if it was right to maintain an ancient cultural tradition. You said yes, so I did.   Firstly my ancestors have been saying “Piss off, Asshole” to Assholes since time immemorial. It’s a sacred tradition that makes us what we are. How dare you object!  And secondly it is my culture’s tradition to take whatever the hell they like from other cultures, adapt it, and make it their own. If we stopped we would have lost a defining part of our culture.”

“Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! You’re talking nonsense!”

“You forgot Misogynist from your list of magical meaningless words.  Oh, and white supremacist and Nazi. I think that’s the full set of official silencing magic words for people who don’t agree with you. ** What language are you speaking, by the way?”

“English! Which you plainly don’t understand you @#$#ing Nazi.”

“Ah. Not Newspeak? It so often sounds like Newspeak. If you’re speaking English: why? It has more ‘cultural appropriations’ in its vocabulary than just about any other language. And you know, it could be that language shapes how we think.”

At which point, the ‘conversation’ if you can call it that, degenerates into a mix of shrieked ‘magic’ words and obscenity.

As a serious comment, there are cultures which seriously resist any ‘foreign’ influence.  A curious aside – as is perfectly logical, these cultures believe their culture BETTER than others, and consider those who are not of their culture as inferior: ergo, the need to keep their culture ‘pure’.  Unsurprisingly racism is a fairly common feature of such cultures.  So there is a valid argument to be made that ‘cultural appropriation’ – taking bits you admire or see as interesting or useful is in fact the hallmark of actual tolerance.  These are going to misunderstood, and changed to fit the existing culture, which will in itself change to accommodate them. Some degree of understanding becomes more likely rather than less.

Another mark of these ‘pure’ cultures is that they find the modern Left-wing idea that they would think your ‘cultural appropriation’ offensive… as bizarre as a pink Hippopotamus in runners, holding a parasol, while singing a gilbert and Sullivan operetta. Their logic: Of course you want to ape your betters. And of course you won’t succeed.  But naturally you should be trying: they are pleased you are.

The only cultures that seem to take offence are ones where 1) their culture has been substantively abandoned or lost to Western culture. Their people have embraced everything from Western, clothes, language, flush toilets to Western booze. Much of their tradition has been lost… which of course is YOUR fault. Just as you are to blame for someone drinking themselves into alcoholism. 2) Where there is money and/or advantage to be made from claiming to be offended. 1&2 seem to run together.

In these conditions: The short-term benefits of trying to maintain ‘exclusivity’ (and there seriously is precious little evidence short term benefit to the group as a whole – just to some individuals) are vastly outweighed by the long term damage that such ‘isolation’ causes – because, in the end such exclusivity and isolation is ALWAYS reciprocal: You start demanding that no-one except Loo-Loo Islanders write about Loo-Loo Islanders traditions or wear their traditional Wing-wong… Pretty soon no one wears the Wing-wong (except a handful of aging fanatics that other Loo-Loo Islanders roll their eyes about).  The tradition is largely forgotten by the increasingly Westernized Islanders, and eventually disappears. It could be argued that world is a poorer place.

And the chances are that the one Loo-Loo islander wanting to use the tradition in part of her novel… sells 23 copies (because really, the odds are not good, no matter who you are. Writing is a skill, not dependent on belonging to some minority or group.  A skilled writer writng about something he knows little about, will still do better than someone who knows it intimately, but can’t write for toffee. Few writers of any description have the skill to generate wide interest in items of a culture, even their own. To make a huge impact, making the world forever aware of the Wing-wong and Loo-loo islanders proud of their heritage… trust me on this: they’re rarer than bacteria free surfaces.  Common sense says you should beg any author that can do this, to do so. To follow in their footsteps is easier.).

Now, if the author ‘culturally appropriates’ the tradition gives no credit to the origins… that I do see as a problem – a far worse one than getting it wrong. Correcting things is a lot easier and better than trying to resurrect things that have gone and been forgotten.

Anyway, inevitably, it’s not a native Loo-loo islander who cares or objects. It’s one of the PC virtue signalers determined to make you shut up – mostly with as little or less claim to Loo-Loo heritage as you have, and usually a lot more ignorance. Most of it boils down to a peculiar combination of arrogance about the superiority of Western culture (that it will destroy others by taking the best of them) and a loathing of the very Western culture they’re dependent on and proclaiming is inferior. Logic is not their strong suite.

It is therefore appropriate not pay much attention. Perhaps you want to appropriate my traditional response: ‘Piss off, Asshole’. You’re welcome. My culture will not be weakened by your use of it.

**it is futile to argue about the various magic words. They’re a Kafka-trap. Saying you aren’t proves you are. Saying you are proves you are. Even saying nothing proves it. Evidence to the contrary is waved as irrelevant or just a cunning cover. The accusation is all that is needed, no evidence needed, no logic needed, no appeal allowed: you are guilty, regardless. On the actual basis of evidence: the accuser is substantially more likely to be ‘guilty’ than the accused. It’s kind of like asking who farted, first, when you did.


  1. Asking them to stop projecting their sins on to you tends to launch entertaining fireworks.
    (If the NPC in question understands the concept.)

  2. Yes, I whole heartedly agree that more people need to be told to “**** off”, but then again the tag-line of my site is somewhat more pointed (Evolution isn’t working fast enough, more dumb*sses need to be shot).. I’ve been saying it for over 20 years, and apparently a bunch of people have taken it as a challenge over the last few years, only to have their relatives complain that it’s happening. Oh well.

    1. “So many assholes, so little time. And limited ammunition.” Alice Haddison, from an as-yet unpublished work.

  3. Anyone using English who is not 100% pure Anglo-Saxon or Jute is appropriating the culture. And if you are a not a steppe nomad and you are wearing trousers? Appropriator!

    1. How dare you leave out the Latins! (In their Norman flavor, of course.)
      And let’s not even start the whole “you stole your language from the Hittites!” thing.

      (Has anyone ever parsed a decently complex English sentence by word-origin? I wonder how the numbers turn out.)

      1. Poul Anderson wrote a short article on atomic theory called “Uncleftish Beholding”, where he demonstrated what the text would look like without Latin and Green loanwords.

        …”Some of the higher samesteads are *splitly*. That is, when a neitherbit strikes the kernel of one, as for a showdeal ymirstuff-235, it bursts into lesser kernels and free neitherbits; the latter can then split more ymirstuff-235. When this happens, weight shifts into work. It is not much of the whole, but nevertheless it is awesome.”

        1. That is beautiful.

          And what a brilliant way to get scientific stuff into your fantasy epic, without breaking immersion.

      2. And the basic grammar of English is Celtic, not Germanic or Romance, if John McWhorter’s observations prove to be correct.

          1. “To do” is another construction not found in the main branch Germanic and Romance languages, if I recall the book correctly. I think Sib has my copy.

  4. Life got a whole lot more fun once I realized that any and all opposition to mass murder was wholly motivated by racial hatred.

    Which is to say that racism defined loosely enough to hang a man for any arbitrary statement is defined loosely enough to hang any man for any arbitrary statement.

    If you don’t have even handedness and reciprocity in the criteria for which you will hang a man, you leave others little incentive to play the same game you play. If someone hasn’t the wit to realize this, and the integrity to say so, there is no attraction to speaking with them about any affair of interesting complexity.

    1. In this regard I view the French with approval and admiration for the first time in a long, long time. If the Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys can burn down public buildings and destroy every speed-camera in the French nation over a fuel tax, there is hope for Canada.

        1. Haven’t been following, but if the outcome isn’ t known, there is still uncertainty.

          I suspect we won’t see the macrons decorating fence posts or lamp posts, but beyond that…

        2. As far as I can tell, what is happening in France includes:
          1. Large protests every weekend in nearly all the major cities and some of the smaller cities, and towns
          2. Smaller protests, sometimes, during weekdays, such as where and when Macron is attending an event.
          3. Destruction of 50%+ of the French traffic cameras, per the Macron regime
          4. Macron’s popularity continues to linger in the doldrums.
          5. Protests resumed after a brief holiday break.

          1. It also appears to be the inevitable showdown of the “give us stuff” socialists and the “impoverish the masses that we may easily rule over them” socialists.

          2. It should also be noted that these protests are being held in mid-January, in France, which is generally not optimal weather for spending lots of time outdoors being tear-gassed.

        3. The Middle Class in France finally hit the wall, is what happened. If it was just the Usual Lefty Idiots rioting it would have been over in a couple of hours. This has gone on for weeks, and there’s no sign of it slowing. People are losing their jobs and vehicles because of punitive regulations. They’re mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore.

          The Canadian media is actively painting the Yellow Vests as a Nazi hate group. The CBC is quite prolific with lots of “news” articles about how horrible and racist they are.

          But really, its everybody who still has something to lose in France, finally realizing the government isn’t going to stop and they are going to lose everything. So having realized that, they’re doing something about it.

          That’s why I feel a little hopeful about Canada. If even the French have their limits to the bullshit they’ll put up with, Canada probably does too. Probably.

          1. I… wouldn’t bet on that.

            Granted, I live near Van and grew up in Mtl, so my perspective may be skewed.

            1. I’m only a -little- hopeful. I live near Toronto, after all. Toronto City Council is bringing back speed cameras.

              Yes. Really. As Frenchmen burn the speed cameras of France with car tires filled with gasoline, Toronto City Council is putting them up all over Hogtown.

              You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to drive my fucking huge pick-up truck at exactly the speed limit whenever I go there. And I’m going to put a sign on the tailgate that says:

              “This vehicle does not exceed the speed limit because of speed cameras. This is you getting what you voted for, Toronto. Good and hard.”

              That should be pretty entertaining. >:D

          2. which is funny, as many of the photographs I have seen of ‘yellow vests’, their skin is several shades darker than ‘warm beige’.

        4. As best I can tell, it’s the French being French– in the whole “roll out a guillotine” sense.

          They ARE going to throw out most of the bath water, if it’s been used or not much less with or without the baby. Trying to make it fit American ideas is going to have bad predictive outcomes.

          1. The final straw was the eco-inspired fuel tax. It made going to and from work, the hospital, and other places prohibitively expensive unless you live in a large metro area (Paris) that has excellent public transportation. And it started increasing the cost of heating your home just as the first major winter cold wave reached France. And Macron went to Poland to brag about how environmentally healthy France would be and how good it was to lower the standard of living to save the planet.

            And the ordinary folks of France exploded.

            1. Here’s an article that goes into some detail regarding what’s been going on in France the last decade or so.


              TLDR version: The Euro-elite decided in the 1980s that proles do not need cars, and said cars will be phased out by means of taxes and regulations. They plan to make it too expensive and too annoying to own a car.

              The proles, knowing that they bloody well DO need cars to get to work and bring home food, are finally fighting back.

  5. I note at this time that the NPCs have become increasingly boring as their range of acceptable ideas shrinks. They are in an accelerating virtue spiral, like the OozlumBird of ancient lore. I suspect the bottom is approaching.

    Also, they have zero new ideas so they’re bringing back the Greatest Hits. If you look up “pedophobia” on Google you will see the word used in other than comedic ways. Protecting your kids from predators will soon be a contentious public debate, and parents will be getting scolded severely. Probably this year, certainly by 2020. Can’t imagine what they’re going to go for once they get past bestiality and don’t want to think about it. Whatever they do though, it will be stupid and boring.

    They also have nothing to talk about, so they’re talking about us. As usual, we are the only interesting thing going. I suspect this is because we are actual humans, and not algos with skin on.

    1. Well, if #MeToo doesn’t sink that Dem donor, necrophobia. I thought that comment I made about releasing Gary Ridgeway was a combination of a very dark joke and a request for some sensible criteria about what limits should be put on the quest for obtaining sexual release.

      1. The thing for me is the scolding.

        I know that there’s maybe five people in North America genuinely into some of this extreme perversion shit, and four of them are in mental hospitals. I also really, really don’t care what other people do for fun. Rule 34 indicates most of it is gross and I’m not interested. Just keep it off my lawn, I’m good.

        But that stance, which used to be the pinnacle of everything a Leftie could demand in Tolerance, is now racist/bigot/homophobe talk. Being willing to leave other people alone, and let them get their freak on whatever pervy way they want in the privacy of their own home, that’s UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

        Because this is not about people protesting the limits I’ve put on them. This is them demanding money and concessions from me because I have not been sufficiently respectful of their Specialness. I have to bake that cake for them, and pay for it too.

        I also have to be subjected to scolding from all sorts of quarters about how horrible and evil I and my culture are. How the progression of assholes screaming at me in the media, changing from homophobe to transphobe to pedophobe is just, reasonable, and better than I deserve.

        “Piss off, assholes” is now where the conversation starts and ends. I’m quite content to seek out and break every new PC rule that comes down the pipe. If there’s a Secret Forbidden Square on the tile floor, I will find that fucker and do the Sword Dance on it.

    2. Protecting your kids from predators will soon be a contentious public debate, and parents will be getting scolded severely.

      Too late, Seattle YMCA kicked a mom and her 11-14 year old daughter (I can’t remember) out, because they objected to an adult dude with a beard coming in to shower during youth girl’s swim time.

      1. That’s the classic. Woman complains there’s some hairy dude in the little girl’s change room, -woman- gets kicked out.

        But that woman and all her friends still vote, dear Lefties. And they are not going to forget this moment.

          1. For now, sure. But I’ll tell you what. Speaking solely in my capacity as a large hirsute beast, there are many, many women who are deathly afraid of men. We’re big. We’re weird. We smell. We have deep voices and we laugh too loud. We’re horrifically strong. Real life scary monsters.

            As soon as having a MAN in the women’s bathroom starts to become a real thing instead of a stunt, they will quietly vote to end it.

              1. Oh yes. Locally here in the Demented Dominion, McMaster University had to cease with the unisex bathrooms nonsense because of pervy boys bothering the girls.

                Which everyone told them would happen, but they did it anyway.

            1. I wonder if that’s why the transgender flipout is so big…a lot of those guys, around here, just RADIATE “do not turn your back on this person.” There is something seriously wrong, there, and it’s got nothing to do with a dude wearing a dress.

              1. Well, consider the previous stuff in comparison.

                Sexism? However much I have come to disagree with feminism, I was still raised not to hit girls. Now that I have grown, I believe it is inappropriate for me to hit women, and that is a custom I will be keeping. So I’m susceptible to an argument that women deserve special consideration, and have to think to sort the wheat from the chaff.

                Racism? It takes serious thinking to notice that the arguments are heavily adulterated with self-impeaching nonsense, and only the younger cohort has been so heavily immersed in vicious racism coming mainly from ‘anti-racists’.

                Homophobia? Yeah, the activist claims self impeach, but there are legitimately open questions about the mechanisms involved.

                Trans activism is much more obviously “me or your lying eyes”. We’ve discussed the now obvious messed up/extreme self hatred confounding factor over at ATH. Some years back I read a bunch of stuff in a heavily trans focused shared superhero universe. You could tell some of the authors had some sort of sexual charge thing going with their trans stuff. Anything that can be a sexual charge thing will have some overlap with the union of badly messed up and strong predatory streak.

                Maybe there are actual trans people, but they are very rare. Predatory may not be a majority, but are much more common. Yeah, predatory and functional enough to pass for normal may find passing for normal the best strategy. For the messed up predators, identifying as trans may not be a bad strategy at the moment.

                If actual trans are rare compared to messed up/self hating, messed up/suggestible, and messed up/predatory, and our experience with accommodating trans mainly involves the other types, we would expect an earlier and stronger backlash. The post op suicides, and some of the wacky bathroom hijinx speak to suggestible and self hating on the one hand, and predatory on the other.

                Plus, all the people who can tell we aren’t trans, that intervention wouldn’t have made us happier and more functional, that we would have fit some of the criteria being used to target early intervention, and that we would have been a lot more vulnerable to the intervention at the ages currently in question. If society recognizing the wrong sex makes a trans suicidal, than society doing the same thing with a non-trans would be expected to make that non-trans suicidal.

                It is a lot more freaking obvious, and harder to obscure with a bunch of fancy words.

                1. That post-op suicide rate is one of the biggest tragedies of modern medicine. Image, a medical “treatment” so massively wrong that 15% or more of the people who get it kill themselves.

                  Try to imagine a 15% -suicide- rate following hip replacement surgery. Think about what would be done to the surgeons by the rest of the medical establishment.

                  This is why I hate the Left. They take a tragedy like that and use it for politics. Bastards.

              2. “There is something seriously wrong, there, and it’s got nothing to do with a dude wearing a dress.”

                Indeed. Your average timorous little 120lb middle aged matron isn’t merely objecting to having a large hairy man in the next stall when she has to go for a wee. Its a large, hairy, MENTALLY ILL man.

                Best case scenario is he sincerely thinks he’s a woman. But that’s 0.001% of the population. Super rare. Much more likely that he’s -pretending- to think he’s a woman for some other purpose. That’s disturbing.

                Now, -men- do not care if the person in the next stall is female, and potentially predatory/violent/weird/disturbing or just drunk and went in the wrong bathroom. We’re big smelly men. If she gets frisky we will just bounce her off the tiles a couple times.Same as if she were a MAN getting frisky. Which does happen, occasionally.

                Getting in a punch-up in some random bathroom is fun for a lot of guys. We get a great adrenaline rush, get to use all our fancy kung-fu shit, and get to experience Righteous Victory. Plus a great story to tell our friends.

                If there’s one thing I’ve learned about women in 62 years, its that they are not like that. ~:D Fist fights in random bathrooms, girls ain’t into it.

  6. All culture is cultural appropriation, with the exception of North Sentinel Island, where no one knows how to make fire. Contact other cultures, learn about them, and unless they are despicable and ugly and incompetent on every possible level, you’ll start to like something they do and do it too.

    The people who complain about this nitpick what is bad appropriation and what isn’t, too- cafeteria woke, I suppose. The things they like doing are good, as in a family friend’s case ayahuasca shamisim, but Cinco de Mayo frat parties at middle American colleges (not their people) are bad. It’s just a stick to beat someone not in your tribe with. How deeply they’re convinced of it and how self-aware they are of their own flaws in this regard seems to vary.

    1. This is a very good point, but also has an obvious corollary — if you culturally appropriate a way of digging holes from culture A, and a way of setting fenceposts from culture B, you can out-compete both cultures A and B at building fences. Look at “fusion cuisine” — sometimes, the synthesis can be more than just the sum of its parts.

      1. And they’re dead. The people are dead. The culture is dead. Just as thoroughly and profoundly dead as it’s possible to be.

  7. Magic silencing words… travelling to a parallel world and discovering that you have magic is a rather time honored trope. Now I’m imagining a set of magic words in a parallel dimension that are exactly that.

    What other magic words might there be the would follow the same origins?

  8. “Cultural appropriation” strikes me as a germ of a good idea wrapped in so much Leftist idiocy that its hard to find. I do think there are certain places where, when writing about other cultures, you should tread with care. Religion would be top among these. If your writing touches the Hindu gods, for example, its worth being aware that people believe in these entities and will be offended if you grossly distort them. Maybe you choose to do so anyway, but you should at least be aware of what you’re doing.

    But it’s a long and very stupid road that goes from, “You might want to be careful about how you deal with certain aspects of a different culture” to “You can never write about a different culture” to “OMG, white people can’t wear moccasins,” and eventually then end of the path where “White girls can’t wear hoop earrings because I’ve just claimed them for blacks for all time.” At this point, there’s no way to win the game except to use that excellent phrase from Mr. Freer’s ancient and distinguished culture and do what you want to do anyway.

    1. I took great delight in stealing:
      Monkey King and Shen Lung the storm dragon from China,
      Nammu the Ocean Goddess from ancient Sumeria,
      Quan Yin and the Temple of the Fragrant Mountain from Buddhism,
      the Valkyries from the Vikings,
      the Furies from Greece,
      a kitsune from Japan,
      R. Lee Ermey and Carlos Hathcock from the United States

      and then put them all in the same book about an adventure that happens in Canada.

      I also stole the whole city of Amsterdam. (Had to make two trips, the whole thing wouldn’t fit on my trailer.)

      I also stole from all sorts of science fiction and fantasy authors. [Yngvi is a louse!!!]

      Because good writers create. Great writers steal.

      There’s also some parts I made up, hopefully they don’t suck. ~:D

      Anybody out there in Troll Land wants to come and rage at me for stealing Monkey King, the conversations starts with “piss off!” and goes rapidly downhill from there. Oh, and Monkey King gets a free swing at your head. He’s fun that way.

      I’m never, ever going to stop. My thefts will circle the globe, no pantheon or character will be spared.

  9. Cultural appropriation, in addition to giving woke whites a chance to white knight for those pore l’il brown people, is also a mechanism for defending things hipsters like that make them special.

    A lot of hipness is finding some out of mainstream cool foreign thing, and rubbing it into the faces of people you know, so one can look all hip and cosmopolitan and informed. Which is why they love to find “really authentic” restaurants, or pop music from some small obscure country, or Indio language phrases from that foreign eco-tour they took on the Amazon. It helps assert their superiority.

    So, when the hip foreign thing “sells out” and goes mainstream (like sushi, espresso, and Bollywood), they lose their specialness along with it. So, they go to calling it “cultural appropriation” and say it’s a bad thing.

    1. I have to assume that the only reaction anyone actually involved in Bollywood would have to their movie going “mainstream” in the US would be rupee signs in their pupils.

      1. Heck, it’s only the hipsters that want their favorite, undiscovered things to stay poor and obscure. The restaurants, singers, and others are more than happy to become popular and successful.

    2. Which is why they love to find “really authentic” restaurants

      K, funny story.

      Elf and I met in Japan. We love Japanese food, we were stationed there for several years, etc.

      Found an “Asian” buffet where we lived near Seattle that we both fell in love with, because it tasted just like the ‘normal’ food in Japan– think like a Japanese Denny’s or Pizza Hut or McD’s.

      Half the reviews where whining about how it was totally inauthentic. ^.^

      1. I once had a short morning layover in Hong Kong, and decided to get breakfast at the airport. So, I went where all the Chinese folks were going- McDonalds.

        1. Part of why I hesitated to include McD’s is because they do adapt regionally– the thing that doesn’t change is the whole “the food is safe to eat” and “the stuff is basically the same every time.”

          1. Today Trump is Hitler for having McDonald’s and Wendy’s served at an event, and for referring to it as great American food.

            Just like that scene in Downfall, where Adolph Hitler had a diner cater a meal with peanut butter sandwiches, ice cream, and apple pie.

            Denny’s, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s are not authentic food. Authentic food is prepared without any help from industrial engineers from materials sourced without any input from industrial engineers.

            1. There have been several formal occasions and “dining experiences” where I would vastly have preferred Uncle Adolf’s menu…

      2. And there’s a difference between a hipster demanding it stay “authentic” and someone wanting it to stay actually authentic.
        Most Thai restaurants drive me nuts because they’re doing some “fusion cuisine” thing. I don’t want that crap, I want actual Thai food. And don’t tell me “oh, it’s so hot!” and just wave a pepper over the top – unless that’s the way you make that particular dish at home.

        And I would love to find a Chinese restaurant in America that serves authentic Chinese food in an authentic setting (communal dishes – no, buffet doesn’t count!).

  10. I’ve always wanted to bellow: “SILENCE, FOOLS!” but never find the right social situation for it.

    1. I’m ever so hurt and offended. That you rarely have the opportunity to shout “Silence” at me. I may swoon. Where is my fainting couch?

      1. But I suppose if I become one of the Woke, I’d be using my social media to bellow it at everyone I disagreed with.

  11. Anyway, inevitably, it’s not a native Loo-loo islander who cares or objects. It’s one of the PC virtue signalers determined to make you shut up – mostly with as little or less claim to Loo-Loo heritage as you have, and usually a lot more ignorance.

    On this one, I must disagree– although it doesn’t hurt your conclusion at all.

    A lot of the examples I’ve seen (largely historic, frequently US immigrants or American Indians) it is a member of the group.

    Amazingly, usually the member of the group that is working as interpreter to the “contaminating” culture. It’s related to the objections to things like making sure everybody CAN speak the dominant language…..

  12. Before we start, I want to throw a word that I’m trying to make a valid term-


    A trendsexual is just THAT kind of hipster neckbeard douche that you know has to be fapping themselves off to the idea of being not only the first person to try chocolate chip human breast milk ice cream, but being able to sneer at everybody else that they were doing it before it became popular.

    And, that’s the thing, isn’t it? Being one of the Elite isn’t as much fun as it used to be. It was a mark of sophistication and intellect and education to have access to unique food, unique travel, and unique entertainment. But, now…you can be a member of the (gasp in horror) middle class and you can go to the places that it used to be a rich man’s trip. Or have food that is more than beef hash and potatoes, the sort of foods that you can eat. Or wear something more than just simple clothing. Oh, there’s still a difference between the Elites and the Common Folk, there are differences of access, but the margin between the two (in the West) is probably thinner than it’s ever been.

    So, the Common Folk have to be put back in their place, to make being an Elite fun again. So, you create a lexicon of exclusion, that if you are not of the Right People, you can’t have it.

    And, you know what I say to that?

    Nothing that I can write here, or say in mixed company.

    But, like our magpie cousins the British, we’ll keep…acquiring things as much as we can, as often as we can.

    1. I like it.
      And as usual, It’s Not Cultural Appropriation When They Do It, because reasons.

  13. I just LOVE cultural appropriation…
    Family friend just brought back a box of Longan (dragon eye) muffins from Taiwan!

  14. But Loo-Loo islanders have a grand tradition of storytelling! Just because they have no written language and the stories do not translate into English had no bearing on the matter! RACISSSS!

  15. At the point the left rather than the right is attacking Angela Davis (yes, already happened) something has become a bit strange. The world is an odd place.

    1. Was that the Shuttleworth Award uproar? Ol’ Angela is anti-Semitic, some people are not down with that sort of thing.

    2. As well as, at most — and I, personally, have heard only the right. And leftists in full flower jeering at the very notion of being concerned in the comments.

  16. These are going to misunderstood
    Huh? I didn’t grok what that should have been.

    official silencing magic words
    Yep, religious totems.
    Of course, I had “magic” words growing up, too. They were “please” and “thank you” and “pardon me”.

  17. Some degree of understanding becomes more likely rather than less.

    It has long been my opinion that this is EXACTLY why the left pushes this cultural appropriation nonsense. The whole concept is one of separation and exclusion. If people from different cultures get together, understand and appreciate each other and each other’s culture, they will find out that we are all human beings. People, regardless of culture, aren’t really all that different, and all the racist bullshit that the Left is constantly spewing is exactly that, racist bullshit.

  18. It’s kind of like asking who farted, first, when you did.

    No, get it right… it was the dog!

    As a (maybe not) funny aside about blaming the dog. I had a racist dog once. She hated any man with dark skin. As in Physically ATTACK at the slightest provocation hated. Needless to say, I was very careful with her. Some people demanded that I put her down but I refused because I knew the reason why. You see, until I found out and chased them away, some teenage boys (who happened to have dark skin) used to lure her over to the fence with food, then beat her with sticks. Sometimes snagging her with a rope so she couldn’t get away while they were beating her. Eventually I caught them in the act on a rare day off, and chased them away. I had no idea how big the problem was until later when a neighbor lady finally managed to overcome her fear of the big (probably racist because he’s white) man, and came over to talk to me about it. Sadly, the damage was already done.

  19. My WIP borrows culture from ancient China and ancient Japan, stirs in the climate of Thailand, and then blends it all with my own North-lands. I’ll admit that I’m a little worried about the cultural appropriation police, but I’m going ahead with it anyway. I’m having FUN with this book!

  20. You know that “I’m not locked up in here with you, you’re locked up in here with me!” thing?

    That’s cultural appropriation… I mean imperialism… And I very much suspect that Japan is going to win in both senses… as the ultimate appropriators, and as the imperialists.

    1. It’s also my favorite quote from the Watchmen character Rorschach, when he was put in prison with a huge number of violent thugs that he had a hand in putting there. LOVE that character. 🙂

  21. Your culture is pretty lame and weak if it can’t handle being “appropriated”. Happens all the time…get used to it, sugartits.

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