As I type, it is Wednesday evening, and I have finished my first day back at work after almost two weeks of lovely, peaceful time off (well, peaceful with the exception of hauling the Bugger-cat to the specialist vet – he’s gained another 3/4 pound, bringing him up to merely underweight as opposed to emaciated. He should be in the 10lb range. He’s currently just over 8lb. At his worst, he was 5 1/2 lb and barely more than skin and bones).

So, the title of the post sums up my feelings right now. I really did not want to return to the daily grind.

It’s not that I hate the job – I like it most of the time. It’s just that it’s so damned all-consuming I end up not being able to do anything except the job half the time. The last few days have been the first time my brain has functioned enough for some writing in way too long. This is, as y’all might guess, not a good thing. If I’m not writing I tend to go off-balance.

Not that there’s anything excessively wrong. I’m fuzzy-headed courtesy being female and into that certain time of life, maybe a bit more inclined towards depressive or maudlin turns of mind than usual, but otherwise functioning decently well, apart from being tired all the time.

I know it’s traditional to do the whole new year resolutions thing, but I fare phenomenally badly at that (as in, never mind fail to achieve them, I usually fail toΒ start the bloody things) so instead of resolving to perform this that or the other miracle, I’m going to try to keep writing even a tiddly little bit of stupid fanfiction daily in the hope that this will eventually jog something a bit more substantial loose as I get back into practice.

I have of course given myself full permission to suck more than an industrial vacuum (or the space between a politician’s ears), and I have no doubt that my crappy fanfic efforts do precisely that.

They’re still way the hell better than anything I’ve managed in longer than I care to count, so I’m going for it.

Happy New Year, and no, I’m not trying to be a sour sarcastic bitch. That’s just Kate-normal these days.

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  1. What properties?

    You wouldn’t happen to be working on crossovers between Hakuouki, Tekkaman, Pellucidar and Pacific Rim?

    1. Sorry, no. I’m playing silly buggers with Harry Potter fanfic. Over time I think I’m going to see how many fanfic memes I can stuff into the thing without turning it into a farce, just for the hell of it.

  2. Yeah, sleeping is vastly underrated, and a pity we so often have to use our weekends and vacations to make up deficits. Thumbs up on Bugger Cat.

    1. Yeesh. You really want to read sucky sucky Harry Potter fanfic? You poor depra… *ahem* deprived soul.

  3. I have two more days of freedom. I intend to enjoy them, and see if I can get another 10K words written.

    I really enjoy Day Job and most of what it entails, but yes, I needed two and a bit weeks away.

    1. I hear you. I had just barely enough time to come out of the daze of work-driven exhaustion.

      1. *hugs* Hope you can avoid the daze for a while. We like you, and miss you! And yay for Bugger gaining weight!

      1. Bleppy baby is asleep too, so …

        Oh and this morning I woke up a bit more normal. For variations of normal for someone who isn’t a morning person to begin with but…


        Rhys: *gently shaking me awake* C’mon, time to wake up and keep an eye on the little one.

        Me: I fought mecha yesterday, ok? You know I still hurt everywhere. Lemme sleep more.

        Rhys: …? No, wakey wakey time.

        Me: You were there. Lemme have ten more minutes. *burrow into pillow*

        Rhys: … *lets me have a bit more sleep, even though he’s needing sleep too*

  4. One of my cats, Trouble…


    Has a ‘mass’ in her abdomen, according to the vet today.

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