Publishing’s Crystal Ball – Slightly Cracked?

What will 2019 hold for authors and publishers? Change. What sort of change? Ah, there’s the rub…

I highly recommend going over to Kristine Katherine Rusch’s business column and at least skimming it. She gives an excellent background to what happened to publishing and non best-seller sales over the past decade or so, and a look at what might be coming. It is the first in a series, and you can buy Patreon access for everything if you want to read the essays early.

Yes, it’s long. It is aimed at people who make a living from the pen and pixel.

I suspect the comments at ThePassiveVoice will also be useful:


    1. You’d think. The German conglomerates and others are eventually going to get tired of losing money. Unless they really want the loss for taxes.

      1. German government apparently has their fingers in a lot of economic pies.

        Could these conglomerates be being used by a foreign government to meddle in American elections?

  1. All the leading radio stations agree: television is a passing fad, radio is the wave of the future!

  2. Too often the (traditional) ‘change’ can be summed up as, “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?”

    That’s how I felt in 2008… and kept feeling well into 2016.

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