Technical Glitch or Malice Aforethought?

Those of us who are writers might want to read The Passive Guy’s description of a problem that arose with Mrs. PG’s books on Amazon. How often do we triple check things we released a year or so ago? I know I haven’t in quite some time, unless there are edits/corrections that I have to upload.

As he puts it:

“As regular visitors to TPV know, Mrs. PG launched a new book yesterday.

“We did not have liftoff.

Depending upon your point of view, the rocket either emitted a lot of smoke without moving or exploded on the pad.

The contents of the new book were not the correct contents.

Authors reading this will understand Mrs. PG’s feelings about this situation.

User error was PG’s first thought. KDP error was his second thought.

After his hurried attempts to remedy the situation were uploaded (Note to Amazon – Why can’t changes to an already-published book be placed in an accelerated review queue? In a situation like Mrs. PG experienced, the minutes seem like hours, etc.), PG checked the two earlier books in the same series via Look Inside on Amazon.

He discovered strange content problems in those two books previously published via KDP and whatever Amazon is calling Createspace these days. An ebook might have problems while the POD book was fine even though they were based on the same manuscript.”

I know what I’m going to be doing this weekend, once the next launch launches.


    1. No, it is clearly the end times. Insert thirty seven pages of numerology and references to a dozen specific political, social and religious leaders in support of this argument.

  1. What about the suggestion in the comments at the link that Word is doing something with “track changes” that might get undone somehow? What a mess that would be.

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