All Is Chaos and Disorder

Or, Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone, Again

It was gorgeous in the PNW when we took Mrs. Dave to the airport to wend her way elsewhere. Baker was out, the Olympics crowded the far horizon, and Rainier dominated the sky as we sped southward. Nary a cloud in the sky. I could wish I’d gotten more sleep, but such isn’t our pattern, and I’m learning to deal with that. Even the littles seemed cheerful, which lasted right up until we left Mrs. Dave at the curb.

Mrs. Dave is fine, though still pretty wiped from all the travel. On the other hand, we haven’t seen the sun since we got home. Coincidence? I can barely rub two sentences together today, so this is likely to be pretty scattered. My apologies.


The last two months (more or less) at Caer Dave have been … exhausting. Mrs. Dave’s short trip, then travel for LC, then family reunion stuff, and then prep for deployment, then the above, and now I’m staring at the house and wondering how I’m going to clean all this up short of throwing everything in trash bags and selling the kiddos to the merfolk I’m sure live in Puget Sound.

I’m continuing the List compilation process (with ELO’s Sweet Talkin’ Woman running through my head) and digging into stuff I haven’t looked at in a while. I need to focus on one (maybe two) projects until things are done, rather than haring off with even more wild ideas. Ah, well. For me, that’s going to look a lot like writing down a quick precis and maybe some character sketches or worldbuilding notes, and filing them in an Ideas folder. Anything to get them to leave me alone so I can hammer away at the focus projects.

Is today about writing? Kinda. Life hits pretty hard, and I’m kinda reeling from it right now. I’ve got the rough shape of a plan, but it’s going to require a lot of energy I don’t have right now, as well as some things that I simply can’t control. I dunno. Surf that wave. Ride the chaos.

Before you go, our own Peter Grant has a new novel out! Pride of the Damned completes the Cochrane’s Company trilogy.

The shadow war started as a simple contract to defend a system against asteroid thieves. The harder Andrew Cochrane and Hawkwood Security fought, the worse things became. Now they find themselves embroiled in an interstellar war with an entire mafia!

Worse yet, the proceedings are so profitable – not to mention bloody – that they’ve attracted the attention of some of the worst criminal organizations in the galaxy. If Hawkwood is to survive, it’ll need all the wits, cunning and ingenuity it can muster – and the unwavering courage and dedication of its people.

The galaxy’s not big enough for both sides. One or the other will go to the wall.

If you’d like to start at the beginning, The Stones of Silence is available for ebook and paperback.


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