Owning your success

The last thing I told you was to take it easy on yourself. Now, I’m going to tell you to do something that’ll come hard to a lot of you: Own your Success.

We like to note that indie allows control of the entire publishing chain, and no one can sink your books now but you and the marketplace. (If we were totally in control of sales, we’d all be JK Rowling. But we can at least control the content, the cover, the formatting, the price, the blurb.. )

But keep in mind, this means you own your success, too. Every now and then, take a look around, and go “I wrote a book! I published a book! Some strangers bought my book without me forcing them to do so at knifepoint! And a couple of them even left reviews indicating they liked it, and other people will too! Even more unknown, other perfect strangers bought my book!” Because you’re just that awesome. And you did it.

Own it.

And then do it again!


  1. Whenever someone binge-reads or binge-buys some of my books, I do a happy dance. Then I get back to work. 🙂 I’m not against slow, steady sales and reads, either.

  2. Thank you, I needed that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to finishing this darn third in the series book before I die of old age.

  3. Off topic, but I’ve finally figured out what y’all mean by dropping walls on characters. I’m reading something now that is “drop wall then trip over deus ex machina to remove wall” repeated until the reader screams that the world makes no sense.

    I’m actually stopping halfway through book two (there’s a third). I “never” stop in the middle of a book, especially when something is happening (nanites are eating our intrepid crews’ brains).

  4. Okay, so while the rest of us are “owning” our success would you please own yours and stop calling your own books “thing”? Please? I love your books and I am a total stranger.

    1. You’ve figured out my terrible secret – that I’m writing these notes for me as much as anyone else!

      Will do. 🙂

      P.S. There may have been a small happy dance when you scolded me. Not because I was getting scolded, but because you love my books 🙂

        1. I will definitely be writing more! Right now, I am accumulating a folder full of random scene, bits and scatterlings of stories. Eventually, five or six will come together, none in their original way, when the right character stands up and says “this is my story.” I just don’t know which ones yet… might be ones I haven’t even written yet. But I keep trying.

  5. Thank you for that!

    Though—weird to say—I actually forget that I’ve published a book a lot of the time. I only mostly remember here, and a lot of my comments are of the “oh yeah, I did this too!” variety.

    (I have young kids, and the need to, for example, clean an area twice within six hours before I can even attempt the next one. I get distracted.)

  6. Back from a holiday in Provence and found I’ve earnt as much in June as I did in the previous five months. I think I’ve passed the “M” list author level, possibly even reached as high as an “L.”

    Oh how I laugh.

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