Off to RavenCon

In about an hour I’ll be leaving for RavenCon – while I’m looking forward to the con, the drive… not so much.

So have fun storming the castle, try not to destroy the place, and be nice to your fellow Mad Geniuses (Genii? I’ve never been quite sure how which way English prefers – and knowing English, the answer is possibly “both”).

I shall be back next week with – hopefully – the after-action report. If I have sufficient brain to do it, it will be a faux Olde English after action report, otherwise just the plain ordinary sort.


10 thoughts on “Off to RavenCon

  1. Definitely geniuses – despite the Latin root – unless you want to refer to multiple djinn or to take the piss when speaking to someone who thinks they are a genius.

  2. > Geniuses (Genii?

    Depends if you’re referring to the English or Latin word…

    After English adopted it and filed off the serial numbers, I figure it’s not a Latin word any more.

    1. Agreed. English has a long and proud tradition of taking a firm hand with its adoptees. A language that can turn Don Quixote’s name into an adjective pronounced “kwiksotik” has no need to respect Latin plurals.

      OTOH, I have long felt that the proper plural of “Kleenex,” is “Kleenices.” Consistency is no fun.

  3. I’d ask if you wanna stop here for lunch, but its 1: too early for lunch and 2: too late to offer

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