Where’s Jason?

That is the question of the morning. We received a garbled message from him. Then there was the sound of a crash!, followed by silence. A moment later, a hushed voice came onto the line, saying the only way we’d see Jason again is to have write him a story describing what happened and how he escaped. Help! Can we save Jason?

The Mad Ones need your assistance. The floor is now yours.

8 thoughts on “Where’s Jason?

  1. > crash!

    I was once having lunch at a nice restaurant with my friend Felix, who looks like Larry Correia’s big brother. I dunno about that whole “giant Portuguese” thing…

    Anyway, there was a crash and the round of breaking plates from the kitches, complete with a Pratchettian “roing…roing..roing…”, and the restaurant went absolutely silent. And then there was Felix, in his outside voice, “NOW, THAT’S FRESH!”

  2. I see Jason has already posted, but I reckon it would be a shame to let this bit of silliness go to waste:

    A malfunctioning teleportation platform has pulled Jason to a world where the line between technology and magic does not exist. He is greeted by two bear-like Dussakaire warriors who attempt to reassure him that his arrival and departure have been foretold by the prophet Sur-Til. All Jason has to do is help them save a nearby village of humans and Dussakaire by finding a way past the magic wards defending an ancient fortress. Once inside the fortress they simply have to defeat an insane, magic-using alien and his undead minions then Jason can use the teleportation platform hidden behind the insane, magic-using alien’s throne to return home. Their task may seem daunting, but Sur-Til the Often Right foretold, shortly before his untimely death by execution for incompetence, that they would succeed. The only bright side to the situation is that the Dussakaire really know how to make a good cup of coffee, which may not be much, but it’s a start…

    1. At which point Jason shot them with the 6.5 Creedmoor rifle that magic had no defense against.

  3. Has anyone tried looking under the couch cushions? I’m sure the rumours of an extra-dimensional portal there are totally unfounded.

    1. For a millisecond there, I read that as unfunded. So that’s why they haven’t hit the Fake News yet

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