Look what I found!

Never say I don’t do nice things for you guys. Look what I found today. Shh, don’t tell Sarah though. She doesn’t know I “borrowed” this. Hehehehe.

No, you aren’t imagining it. This is the cover for the NEW Dyce Dare mystery. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. Dyce is wacky and fun. E is one of those kids you think you want and then you’re really glad he’s not yours because he’s much too smart — for you and for his own good. And let’s not forget about Peegrass the cat. I can’t wait.

Until Sarah gets this finished, check out the other books in the series if you haven’t already.


Dipped, Stripped and Dead

When she was six, Dyce Dare wanted to be a ballerina, but she couldn’t stop tripping over her own feet. Then she wanted to be a lion tamer, but Fluffy, the cat, would not obey her. Which is why at the age of twenty nine she’s dumpster diving, kind of. She’s looking for furniture to keep her refinishing business going, because she would someday like to feed herself and her young son something better than pancakes.

Unfortunately, as has come to be her expectation, things go disastrously wrong. She finds a half melted corpse in a dumpster. This will force her to do what she never wanted to do: solve a crime.Β Life is just about to get crazy… er… crazier. But at least at the end of the tunnel there might be a relationship with a very nice Police Officer.


A French Polished Murder

When Dyce Dare decides to refinish a piano as a gift for her boyfriend, Cas Wolfe, the last thing she expects is to stumble on an old letter that provides a clue to an older murder. She thinks her greatest problems in life are that her friend gave her son a toy motorcycle, and that her son has become unaccountably attached to a neurotic black cat named Pythagoras. She is not prepared for forgotten murder to reach out and threaten her and everything she loves, including her parents’ mystery bookstore.


A Fatal Stain

When Dyce Dare buys a table to refinish, the last thing she expects is to find a human blood stain under the amateurish finish. Whose blood is it? What happened to the person who bled on the table?

Helped and hindered by her fiance, Cas Wolfe, her friend Ben, her son E and an imaginary llama named Ccelly, Dyce must find the killer and the victim, before the killer finds her.



17 thoughts on “Look what I found!

  1. I’m annoyed Amanda!

    It’s not very nice to post the cover of a book before we can purchase it. πŸ‘Ώ

      1. That would explain why so often the first “hit” is free or cheap, to get you hooked and wanting more…

  2. Is it bad when i saw a commercial for… something on TV and the lady was sanding and painting furniture and i immediately thought of Sarah?

    1. Nah. I think that those books she won’t talk about? They were some of the Better Home and Gardens and Time Life Home Repair series, done under a male house names.

  3. Very nice. I like this better than the other covers, having her looking at the audience and grinning or smiling in all the others was a bit annoying. Good for one cover in a series, but not necessarily good as a theme for a murder mystery series, and it was starting to look like a theme (no other complaints about those covers though).

    Will buy. But I would have bought it anyway, no matter what. πŸ™‚

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