Oops, it’s Tuesday

That means I’m supposed to blog. Oops. Tell you guys what. I’m going to have another cup — or three of coffee — and get my brain functioning again and then I’ll be back. Well, maybe I’ll be back after I have breakfast with our own Kilted Dave and family. In the meantime, I’m open for suggestions about what to blog on. I have a question for you as well. If the blog design wizards were to swoop down on MGC and redesign the site, are there any special functions or attributes to the site you’d like included?

Until later!


  1. I don’t care about the blog design so long as it remains simple and legible; I soon become entirely blind to it anyway. But it would be nice to have a proper comment editor (that works in SeaMonkey).

        1. Darn, you’re right. Their names against comments in the comments sections are hyperlinks to their homepages, but NOT in the Authors section. Roundabout way to get to their homepages, and not intuitive.

    1. I agree on the background – plain is best. Myself, I loathe the white-hot backgrounds, but they seem to be standard as if a light emitter is a light reflector. Maybe I need “sun”glasses.

  2. All I really want is a list of blog posts as a calender type archive if you don’t mind. The look currently doesn’t bother me at all.

  3. Blog topic idea. The recent conversation by the UK Arts council to start funding Literary Authors since they can’t make enough money in the market and the publisher’s can’t afford to take losses on them all the time. Articles on it in the Guardian and Passive Voice. search for “literary fiction is in crisis”

      1. Damien Walter. And I believe that he’s formerly of the Guardian, which is kind of sad. He had a special kind of stupid that’s hard to replicate.

    1. Why? Are the children in UK middle schools insufficiently bored?

      I’m probably too cynical about this, but my general belief is that modern “literary” fiction translates to, “Stuff that’s so awful no one would read it willingly, so we try to brand it as the book equivalent of eating your vegetables in order to guilt you into it.”

  4. How about instead of just a Slide Show showing some books by the Mad Geniuses how about an actual Book Page with the titles and possibly links to where they can be bought?

  5. Sorry, everyone. Real life interfered last night and I wasn’t able to get back to the blog. I’ll make up for it next week.

    Thanks, too, for the suggestions regarding the blog. Some of them — like author pages — we have already discussed and decided to implement. Others, we will look at and consider. You guys have a great day today.

  6. Blog topic idea: When does fanfiction become a collaborative between authors?

    And I pretty much like the current page formats. Although you might consider bringing the search window to the top of the page.

    1. Fanfiction becomes collaboration between authors when publisher T finds out best selling author R is already 1.5 novels into his writing jag in best selling author C’s best selling series’s world and publisher T goes “I can sell that!”

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