Where’s Kilted Dave?

Oh no, the kilted one is missing. Have you seen him? His children are running free — and possibly wearing only hats — with maniacal little grins on their adorable faces. A search party has been formed but we aren’t sure where to start.

Next. . . .

(Actually, Kilted Dave is up to his ears with littles and their needs right now. So, I leave it to you guys to figure out where he’s run off to — if he left willingly — and how to get him back to the fold. The floor is now yours.)


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16 responses to “Where’s Kilted Dave?

  1. Perhaps he has gone to visit the Bimbos of the Death Sun to see if they have any information on the Zombies of the Gene Pool.

  2. Any strange lights in the sky? I figure kidnapped by Aliens.

  3. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Somebody stole his Kilt. 😈

  4. paladin3001

    Hmmm, Kilted Dave missing, children running free with nothing but hats and grins. No, he didn’t run off. You will probably find him stuffed under the change table mummy wrapped with diapers while said littles are busy raiding the cookie jar, fridge, cracker barrel and the like. Next on their rein of terror…Who knows? Perhaps a run in the stroller or little red wagon to the park and slides. 🙂

  5. Giant lippy spiders came to Dave’s house, and now they’re giving pony rides to the kids and teaching them bad language. >:D

  6. Christopher M. Chupik

    The floor is mine? But I’ve never had a whole floor to myself before. Whatever will I do?

  7. Mike Houst

    Kilted Dave decided to go undercover by cross-dressing. The women’s blouse with the fake boobs was somewhat believable, at least with a couple of pints in you. But just how successful of a disguise is it to swap a tartan plaid kilt for a tartan plaid skirt?

    • Dorothy Grant

      Really, really easily, if you follow anime – or anyone who’s known Catholic school girls from the schools where the skirts are plaid!

  8. MattB

    KilteDave is either currently residing in an alternate universe (random wormhole incident, possibly due to an Assiti shard) where he’s leading the SFWAResistance against the Imperial Dominion of TOR, or he’s gone down to the pub for lunch.

  9. Holly

    Tell his littles “Daddy has ice cream” and follow them where they lead.

  10. I’m not saying it’s aliens, but. . . it was aliens.