Where’s Jason?

Here at MGC, we are playing our own version of “Where’s Waldo?”. It’s called “Where’s Jason?” and it’s up to you to decide where he is. Put your answers in the comment section below. The most inventive will win a — drum roll — pat on the back.  😉

Seriously, Jason is in some remote location without internet access until later today. He’s promised he will post then. In the meantime, do your worst — err, your best — to put him into inventive locations and situations (Please keep it PG-13. We don’t want to run him off. And remember this is all in good fun.)


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31 responses to “Where’s Jason?

  1. In honor of today’s Tempest in a Teardrop comic, he is scouting locations for a Tactical Mellon-Baller range and training ground. (Must have a list field or a place where one can readily be built.)

    • If he can’t find any, he’s going to be mellon-choly.


    • richardmcenroe

      I’m working on two-baller mojo for the tactical melon baller right now, because sometimes you need that third scoop RIGHT NOW. And I find it helps my peripheral awareness to my offside.

  2. Sitting on a lawn chair with his feet up on a cooler full of beers, watching the waves wash over the ankles of shapely bikini-clad women on a beautiful white sand beach.
    Women, each one more amazing and shapely than the one before, fighting sea monsters.
    And winning.

  3. Consulting with the Rebel Alliance on Endor.

  4. paladin3001

    Alas poor Jason has been learning about being hip deep in alligators while draining a swamp isn’t just a metaphor….

  5. elmdor

    News of the Galaxy!

    Dateline: Betelgeuse Orbital Station

    Another thrilling adventure unfolded today on the frontier as Captain Jason “Warp” Cordova docked his famous corvette “Beyond” stacked to the ceiling with the much-delayed shipment of pistachio ice cream on planet to the cheers of civilians recovering from the collision of the cruise spaceship “Tremendous” with a previously uncharted comet.

    The pistachio ice cream was stolen by the insidious aliens from Omicron Persei VIII who claim pistachios are a wholly owned trademark of their largest corporation, Lur’s Stupendous Food Import & Exports.

    Who knows what kind of adventures Captain Cordova will get up to next time?

  6. Aimee Morgan

    I don’t know if it’s Jason or not, but someone is tracking mud thru my kitchen, and until he proves otherwise, I’m blaming him.

  7. He’s at the pediatrician’s office, struggling to reach his mental happy place, which is not far from Phantom182’s beach, as the nurse says, “It’s just a mild ear infection and colic, quite normal at this age. He certainly has a good set of lungs. The bad news is that you were right, your toddler has the summer complaint. Clear liquids and crackers for the next 24 hours, and then you can try a little fruit juice, but no apple juice and no milk for at least 48 hours.”

  8. Is he hearing any banjo music?

  9. Dan Z

    Could he be gyring and gimbling in the wabe with mimsy borogroves and outgrabing mome raths? If so, beware the Jabberwok, Jason!

  10. TRX

    Stalled in a construction zone on Interstate 40 between Brinkley and West Memphis, Arkansas.

    There are places on that stretch where you can *see* multiple cell towers, but no matter what carrier you have, there’s still no cell service. The “Brinkley Dead Zone” has been famous with truckers since the mid-1990s.

  11. Under guard. After trying to invade Portugal all by his lonesome, he discovered the one awful truth of Portuguese troops. They’re very efficient against Spaniards. AND ONLY SPANIARDS.
    Thanks for giving them something to do Jason.

  12. BobtheRegisterredFool

    The city is defended by a baker’s dozen Evangelions. He is in a plug with a couple of teenage girls, furiously taking notes.

    Opposing forces are Cthulhu, four Ogrethulhus, a crudload of Melconian mecha, and an enormous crudload of smaller units. Plus a regiment of Mexican infantry, so you know the defenders are really doomed.

  13. Thanks to macro quantum effects research, we can say with absolute certainty that Jason is traveling at a velocity of 2.953285 x 10
    ^ -3 C. Unfortunately, his exact location is impossible to determine.

  14. He’s right- Damnit, where’d my beer go?!

  15. Michael Brazier

    Jason is currently on an underwater salvage job exploring the ruins of a submerged city in the North Atlantic, built by a secretive Russian-American billionaire in the early 1950s who was an avid student of Ayn Rand and wished to create an Objectivist utopia. We have hopes that he will discover what caused the city’s collapse when he returns.

  16. Sam L.

    Jason’s in a dungeon, held there by the totally expected SPANISH INQUISITION. Hah, hah, hah. FIRST, the torture of the COMFY CHAIR.

  17. Jason is currently in Antarctica where he’s keeping warm using a flamethrower to roast an alien infestation… He may be never be the same when he returns.

  18. Christopher Smith

    Newsflash: Jason Cordova is lost.

    Also, water is wet

  19. Draven

    be vewy quiet
    he’s hunting Waldo.

  20. Sounds like somebody needs to press X to Jason.

  21. He was time traveling, and got stuck! But, he left a message hidden in the calendar!

    It’s up to us to find the balance of the message, though.