The Dragons Have Arrived!

…and boy are their wings tired!


The Dragon Award… so shiny. Precioussssss…..

I received my ballot for voting in the 2017 Dragon Awards yesterday (I wasn’t without internet, only without a computer… and writing this by phone was impossible) and I wasted no time in perusing through the finalists and making some decisions. Other decisions, like Best MilSF Novel, are… a little more difficult.

How does one category cram so many good books in? I had to contend between Chuck Gannon, Mark Wandrey, and Brian Niemeyer. That sucks trying to choose which of these authors’ book I enjoyed the most. Alternate history? Ditto. Urban Fantasy? Faith Hunter versus Larry Correia and John Ringo? Good freaking luck.

As you might have been able to tell, I’m not really one of the cool kids in SF&F. I know, it’s really strange to see that when you think about how amazing I am *cough cough*, but yeah, not one of the cool kids. It’s kinda why I really like the Dragon Awards. It’s not about who is cool with the “in” crowd, but who is popular amongst the all of fandom, and everybody who wants to vote can, free of charge. It’s, well, pretty amazing. Everyone’s vote counts.

You still have time to register and vote. You can’t nominate anymore, but if you go to this link here and register to vote by Aug 28, your vote matters. No secret cabals in shadowy rooms filled with clove cigarette smoke and cheap bottles of Merlot dictating the future of the awards, oh no. This is a large open gathering of high-quality Honduran cigars with single malt scotch for all.

If, you know, that’s your thing. I’m more of a froo-froo drinker myself, and no smoking. I’m so boring.

Maybe that’s why I’m not one of the cool kids?


6 thoughts on “The Dragons Have Arrived!

  1. There is no category for Best Blisteringly Handsome Reviewer!
    Listen, I think we need to do something about this.
    And also, this morning I thought I wasn’t going to get a ballot, so I filled out the application. However, I later realized I had nominated BEFORE I changed my email, and found the ballot in the old email inbox.
    Oh, well, as long as there isn’t a category for Best Blisteringly Handsome Reviewer with a Fantastic Blog, I suppose it’s no great loss.

  2. Already voted!

    Sadly, (and not greatly unexpected), nothing I wrote that was nominated made it to the final ballot from what I saw. Stuff I nominated, however, did! Go Stranger Things!

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