Open Crazy Month

Work threw a monkey wrench into my plans for today’s post, plus my research into the benefits of forming an LLC as a writer is incomplete, which leads me to…

This has been a crazy month. How are you holding up?

23 thoughts on “Open Crazy Month

  1. I have found three dead crows in as many weeks in my yard, yet the state Health Department *assures* me the risk of the Zombie Apocalypse/Utter Pandemic is zero. (worries) Oh, and I have Mandatory Fun at work next week. Where do we keep the morphine?

  2. 1. I’ve become skeptical that painkillers are as necessary for oral surgery as people think.
    2. I’ve got a rant bubbling away in my head due to someone expressing some fairly mainstream political views. a) The root of the disagreement could be summarized as I am crazy and think way too much. b) The golden rule gives very invalid results sometimes. “A loan of a shovel and the bullet charged to my family” is probably one of them.
    3. Did you see the coverage of the FBI’s report on the baseball shooting? Democrats gonna be Democrats, yo. I suppose there is another explanation besides the investigators being so partisanly pro-Democrat that they see nothing noteworthy in Hodgkinson’s political activities. If there really was outside involvement, announcing it might mess up investigating it.
    4. I really should go find my happy place and write about protagonists that end up dead, or are morally certain that the course of action they have committed themselves to will cause their death. Or get my act together, and find the time and energy to read something relaxing and uplifting.
    5. Sleep is a wonderful thing.

  3. You know what? Overall, things are good. I may be well on my way to throwing my hands in the air and abandoning the sequel, but I got a short story finished. (Never mind that it sucks; I got it finished.. That’s a victory.)

    I have progressed on my physical therapy to the point where I can sleep through the night without pain, and even started rebuilding the muscle on the “good” shoulder. And my love has decided that “for better or worse” includes “for deadlifts and squats.” Which will be good for me, eh?

    The last author I did a blurb for was happy, and I managed to come up with something for the current author within a two days of the request (awaiting feedback to see what he thinks.)

    I could complain about a lot of things, but my husband loves me, my G-d has not abandoned me, I’m still alive, and even gainfully employed. And my herbs are surviving a lot better this year than last year! Life is good.

  4. Crazy month? More like crazy life. Things have been…interesting in a “chinese curse” kind of way.

  5. We were doing two anime conventions in two weeks when the hard drive on my husband’s laptop died. Until we can get a replacement hd and I can get it installed, we’re both sharing my laptop. It’s not exactly been a plus for my productivity.

    I’m hoping that once I get my own computer back and we get through the next two conventions (both local, thankfully), I’ll have some serious writing time. And get back to regular blogging at The Starship Cat.

    And just to make things interesting, the business van is in the shop, and they’re running behind on getting it looked at because one of their mechanics is out with one of those antibiotic resistant staph infections. They’re hoping to get it in today. I just want it fixed in time to load for next weekend’s show.

  6. For a moment I thought the title was “Open crazy mouth” and thought it was a writing prompt.

    Even us desert rats head for the coolest shade we can find when the summer sun comes out and delivers July temperatures a month early. Somebody throw some ice water at (or to) me… I’m melting.

  7. The voices in my head are at it again.

    I’m doing my best to ignore them, but man, they have some good ideas…

    Other than that, life is very good.


  8. I’m writing and cutting grass. Never saw grass grow like this. Cut it, two days later it looks shaggy.

    On the whole, life could be worse. ~:D

  9. The Northwest Europe trip went well, the Dean took a load off my shoulders so I was not trying to handle a delicate situation via iLeash from Northwest Europe, I survived the gym this morning, and I have a bunch of research finished and ideas for books, stories, and blogs (at home and as guest stuff. Like “how do I build a fantasy world that’s not Tolkien-lite?”) and I decided to end two series “early,” which took a weight off my shoulders. The books are selling better than this time last year. No one in the family is ill at the moment. So life is pretty decent, Thanks be to [DEITY], if it would rain an inch or so. As Ian Tyson put it, “Just give me clear blue skies/ and eighteen inches of rain.”

  10. Problems are like arseholes. Everyone has them, and nobody wants to hear about mine.

    But life’s been worse. I’ll enjoy that while it lasts.

  11. Its the little things that are making me imitate the girl in The Exorcist …

    — ran thru my cell phone’s data plan halfway thru the billing cycle because the phone wasn’t connecting to wi-fi for 2wks. Wasn’t me, and it *seems* like the salesman fixed it …

    — fax machines were a standard piece of office equipment in the 90s, but a customer contacted me earlier this week (via email) by stating that “I couldn’t find the fax number to return our corrections”

    — the doctor’s office that didn’t bother to call me the day before to confirm my appointment (I called them), and when I asked about the records transfer that was initiated 6wks ago (right?), was told that completed records request forms can’t be returned via email

    then there’s the things I don’t *want* to think about … like the old cat who seems to have been drinking lots of water lately (it’s hot, right? that’s the problem!)

  12. My writing has fallen off although I did get a story done and published (although I’m going to take a more serious run at formating this week as the initial publishing was a why not moment).

    Roof got a hole but it’s fixed so that was good.

    As part of our reorg the head of my group is being forced into retirement and the party is tonight.

    Oh, and I sent out my inaugural newsletter to my one subscriber.

  13. Actually, pretty well. I think I finally got to critical mass with my new novel; if I abandon novels, it’s usually before I get to 15,000 words. On the downside, I knocked one of my own teeth out yesterday. Life’s a mixed bag.

  14. how am i holding up?
    need help, in the form of warm bodies. This move is going to suuuuuuuck

  15. Working on a new project, gearing up to return to one in progress.

  16. Fried due to minor issues. OTOH, the new government form I had to fill out wasn’t arduous (shhh), though I had a crash course this morning in the issue that turned up. Oh, and learned that Google Earth uses WGS84 datum while something else needed either flavor of NAD. That shifted things some.

  17. The tropical storm missed me.
    The roof is done.
    A vacation away from the heat is planned.
    Sales suck but it’s probably just the usual summer slump, and people will be looking for reading material RSN.
    So I’ll keep writing and publishing.

  18. It hasn’t been a crazy month. It’s been a crazy week.

    objectively a week, that is.

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