Lunacon is Coming

Run for your lives! Or something.

I’ve got my tentative schedule for Lunacon this year – it’s happening from April 7 through April 9 this year, and in a change from the ones I’ve been to so far it’s not at the M.C. Escher Memorial Hotel (aka the Hilton Westchester) this time around – I’m going to miss those dimensional portals and weird side effects.

Although… I have to admit that I kind of hope this means things will be a little more organized. Quirky is a given – I’ve yet to attend a Lunacon that didn’t have quirky out the wazoo. It’s one of the reasons I think of Luna as my “home” con even though Philcon is much closer (and I’ve been to it maybe twice).

So, my schedule.

For the brave, insane, and insomniac, I start on Friday with a reading. At 10:30 pm. This would normally be an occasion to dig out something a little more… er… adult, but since I haven’t got anything like that on the burner, I’ll probably read from the space Prussians. If anyone shows up – which, well… Let’s just say I’m fully prepared to call the bar rule on that one. I’m not a Name. I don’t expect an audience.

Saturday is the big, crazy day. It goes sort of like this:

  • 10:00 am – The Plausible Impossible. Ryk Spoor is moderating, and the other panelists are Ben Parris, John Langan, April Grey, and Ken Altabef.
  • 11:00 am – Telling the Monster’s tale. Darrel Schweitzer is moderating, and the other panelists are Elektra Hammond, Pauline J Alama, and Nicholas Kaufmann.
  • 3:00 pm – Strong Heroines in a Changing World. Pauline J Alama is moderating, and the other panelists are Carole Ann Moleti, Jordanna Max Brodsky, Kiini Ibura Salaam, and Karen Heuler.
  • 4:00 pm – My Character is not me. Barbara Krasnoff is moderating, and the other panelists are Paul Levinson, Terence Taylor, and Gordon Linzner.

Sunday, I get to trawl the dealers room and art show and see what goodies I can find. And catch up with any friends who are there. And… all that stuff. I’m looking forward to it – the panels should all be fun, with some interesting perspectives and discussion going, and of course there are quite a few people I like and respect who will probably be there.

And – of course – I shall be being me just as hard as I can so there could well be a case or three of a spade getting called a fucking digging stick. Which always makes for an interesting panel.


  1. “Telling the Monster’s Tale” sounds interesting, but I will not be there. Kinda stuck (in one place) on earth for a while, so Luna-con is out, alas.

    1. It happens. I’m not going to any other cons this year for several reasons, time and $$ being two of them.

  2. Passport has expired and the Squire wouldn’t take kindly to a trip of that length. Eventually.

  3. Are you coming to anything in the Toronto/Hamilton/Buffalo NY kind of area, Kate? Westchester is a bit of a drive from the Phantom Redoubt.

    1. There’s nothing planned in the foreseeable – that’s a bit too far for me to do as a single day drive (ten hours the last – and only – time I went to Toronto for one of the cons there)

  4. Sounds more fun than where I’ll be (giving a history paper at a conference.) Although I’m on with archaeology and anthropology papers, so it could be interesting, if not fun.

      1. If it ain’t fun on it’s own, I’m sure both of us will find ways to *make* our respective conferences fun.

    1. I plan to – whether you get it in faux-epic form or not will depend on how fried I am.

      I hope your thyroid is going to behave itself after it gets “the talk”.

      1. Thanks Kate… I am finally going to see an endocrinologists on Monday and a surgeon on Thursday. Life is now full-on crazy and exhausting at the same time.

  5. Sigh. Another “no-show” fan here.

    Someday I will make it to a con again (although my target is the other “LC” gathering – Liberty Con). I’ve been getting the same thing as the “con crud” fairly frequently this past couple of years – which is about as satisfying as having the hangover without the night before.

      1. Hehehe. Save the target for range day.

        I’d love to go back to LC, but… I have to fly. I hate what the effing TSA and co have done to flying.

        1. You and millions of the rest of us. I don’t fly now unless it involves getting overseas (very rare) or severe time constraints. I’d rather spend a day, or even a couple days, driving, than face TSA stupidity and airline hassles.

          1. Charter flights vary wildly in price… but you typically don’t go through the usual TSA rigamarole either. It might be worth your while to do some research.

        2. Main reason it is going to be a while for me, too (if ever). I’ll have to justify three or four days of driving there from AZ, and the same back. I have bad, and pretty much automatic reactions to being touched (except by the wife and very close family – and even there, they know to get hands nowhere close to my face without ample warning).

  6. For Lunacon, it’s sort of a homecoming hotel change, but only for long-time attendees. Lunacon had been in downtown New York City, until it first moved to the suburbs in 1978 (hotel pricing in Manhattan is/was really high). It never went back into Manhattan, and was only inside city limits twice thereafter, both times at an airport hotel at LaGuardia. But it moved to the Westchester Marriott in the mid-80s, and stayed there until the early 90s. And, for most of the years between then and now, it was at the Escher Hilton (with a few side trips to New Jersey and Stamford, CT).

    1. I’m not nearly long-term enough for that. It will be odd for me, having a Lunacon that’s not at the Escher Hilton.

  7. “…The M.C. Escher Memorial Hotel (aka the Hilton Westchester) this time around – I’m going to miss those dimensional portals and weird side effects.”

    Huh. Any chance this was the model for Deep Secret’s con hotel?

        1. Yes, I see what you mean. It’s like someone crossed a rat maze and an Escher painting with the Outer Dark.

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