A Surfeit of Real Life

For those not aware of the trouble with trib…  er, the writer, we were thrown into turmoil when we got notice to vacate this house at the end of March just before TVIW.  It’s perfectly within the landlord’s rights, as we were month by month in expectation of buying and moving, sometime May or June.

Well — our attempted short sale buy looks like it won’t go through, we haven’t found anything else, and we ere faced with finding a place to rent with four (or five, depending on whether older son keeps his or not) cats.

Fortunately one of you guys came through with a referral to a house rental that will let us go pretty much month by month till we find something.  It still means the high likelihood of two moves in 16, and my not having an office for a while longer.

But at least it won’t be an underpass with five cats and cannibal zombies.

I got up before six so we could get things ready to sign lease and I am what’s technically known as dead (besides having forgotten it was Wednesday.)

I will try to post later today, but don’t bet on it, since I have a packer over, to help me box this house and if I can squeeze a couple of hours, Darkship Revenge is clamoring for attention and late as hell.

To appease you, here are some pretty pictures.  yes,my art is still saved, so I’ve been taking bits and pieces from Pixabay (creative commons license) and playing with them till they look right, then running them through filters.  I’m told this is electronic art, but I still want my fricking easel, pastels, colored pencils and icarus board.

Till then, this is what we have:

Alas, he was flesh:

And on a theme, I Didn’t Even Know You Knew Each Other: Ididn'tevenknowyoukneweachother

AND what most of us feel like Running Away From Home :

running away from home

And, on a Theme: Someday:



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14 responses to “A Surfeit of Real Life

  1. Anyone want to run away from home with me?

  2. Laura M

    Love the art. That last one is how I felt in my youth. Still feel, actually.

  3. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Take Care! 😀

  4. I like the artwork.

    As for real life, hang in there, and as the drak said, ‘take care’.

  5. richardmcenroe

    You’ve got a kind of Kelly Freas flavor going there..

  6. Love the robots. That’s a thing, too. What does your AI friend do when you finally die?

  7. Also, as one who has moved countless times over the years, my condolences. Moving is crap. I give the advice the urologist gives: this too shall pass.

    And always remember, friends help you move, family helps you move bodies. ~:D

  8. aacid14

    Good to hear you at least landed somewhere. As for short sale stuff, I’ve stopped trying to understand realty and banks. I got lucky and it only took a month or so last fall

  9. Christopher M. Chupik

    Seems to be a lot of this “real life” going around lately.

  10. These are good. Especially like the first one.

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