You Know It’s My Birthday

Okay, so you probably don’t, and that’s fine, but between my birthday and the search for the one-house, which is like the search for the one ring, but with more rooms, I’ve gotten sidetracked and forgotten to post.  As in COMPLETELY.

I’m trying to resume the series on novel plotting and structure, and I swear I will, but not RIGHT NOW, because today is my birthday and I’m going to look at real estate which is what everyone wants to do for their– okay, I lie.  SOMEBODY get me a drink.

Like most writers, I like having my cheese in the same place.  This is particularly important when it comes to my writing space.  I like having my morning routine, and then when I sit down I’m ready to write.  This won’t happen until we actually get a new place and move.  The rental is a labyrinth of boxes, which is not the best writing space.

So.  So I deal with this, and I write as I can around other things, which is why everything is late.  Being very goal-oriented this is a hard state to be in.  BUT this too shall pass.

Of course, being a writer I’m also picky about WHERE I write, so it all gets weird.

Anyway, bear with me.  There shall be free cheese and even more fiction (including the poor abandoned Elf Blood) by the by.  I’ve only sold house last week.  Next week I should be operational.

What a long strange year this has been.




  1. And a very happy birthday wish for you niece of my heart.
    I trust Dan and the boys will treat you right on this special day.
    Good that so much of the personal stuff has been resolved this year. 2016 looks to be most interesting as it looms before us what with SPIV, the national election, probable ISIS attacks here at home similar to those carried out in Paris, and Lord only knows what else.
    Someone please point out that chinaman who said “may you live in interesting times” I’d like to administer a swift kick in his posterior.

        1. But writing a daemon is fine. The internet would not be what it is today without daemons.

  2. Sarah just to make you feel better it took me only one week of looking for a house that was perfect for me in Colorado Springs when I moved here. Truthfully I found the house on the fourth day of looking. 3 to 4 Bedroom / 2 to 3 Bath in very good condition. IE no mandatory remodel needed. In a nice area and not far from a military base. I bid on it Monday of the next week $5,000 under there asking price and they accepted that week.

        1. And cats. Needs to be able to survive cats. Wasn’t there some not currently used facility under a mountain thereabouts? That might do. (Or are they using it again?)

  3. *sings*
    First there’s one thing you must learn
    First you Pillage, THEN you burn
    On your birthday (grunt stomp)
    Oh happy birthday. (grunt stomp)
    Tune: Song of the Volga Boatmen

      1. Happy Birthday
        Happy Birthday
        People Dying
        People Starving
        Happy Birthday

        (Same song drawn out)

            1. Or in the context of “Renfaire after the gates are shut and the tourists have gone home.” Too much booze, sunburns, dehydration, and exhaustion may have been factors, as we pulled the birthday boy through the encampment, then circled him with stomping and torches and highly flammable flasks of varied libations…

              1. I’ve heard 20 or more different verses in the SCA – and am assured there are many dozens more.

    1. The verse I always heard was:

      Hap-py BIRTH-day (stomp)
      Hap-py BIRTH-day (stomp)
      People dying everywhere,
      People crying in despair….
      Hap-py BIRTH-day (stomp)
      Hap-py BIRTH-day (stomp)

      Many happy returns of the day, Sarah!

  4. Happy birthday, Sarah 🙂
    As a present, the goddess of death, pestilence, and fertility will try to ignore you for a year.

  5. Your labyrinth of boxes sounds downright amazing.


    Anyhow, happy birthday and best wishes for a fruitful house hunt.

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