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It’s later now

Sorry, guys. I had major connectivity issues yesterday and they continue today. I am typing this on my phone — not fun — and will soon be debarking to the local coffee shop so I can post a real post (necessary since I told Sarah I would fill in for her). In the meantime, in case you haven’t heard it, Samhain Publishing has fired its horror editor, Don D’Auria. To say this is causing major ripples among its horror authors and their fans is putting it mildly. That is especially true since Samhain’s statement seemed to put more importance on social media presence and savvy than it did in having an experienced, well-respected editor helping make books better. Add to that the fact it appears Samhain will be bringing romance editors in to help the horror line and, well, you can imagine the response. More and that and other items in an hour or so.

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