1. Years ago I decided that a woman who dressed as a man is a cope king, and the practice should be referred to as dressing in cope.

  2. ‘There was nothing so very remarkable in that; nor did Alice think it so very much out of the way to hear the Rabbit say to itself, “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!” (when she thought it over afterwards, it occurred to her that she ought to have wondered at this, but at the time it all seemed quite natural); but when the Rabbit actually took a watch out of its waistcoat-pocket, and looked at it, and then hurried on, Alice started to her feet, for it flashed across her mind that she had never before seen a rabbit with either a waistcoat-pocket, or a watch to take out of it, and, burning with curiosity, she ran across the field after it, and was just in time to see it pop down a large rabbit-hole under the hedge.’

    As I copied that I realized it is all one sentence. I cut my teeth on this. My grade school teachers would have had a hissy.

    1. I know of dragons that got killed when they tried to snack on the wrong rabbit.

      In one case, the dragon thought this lop-eared bunny would be a good snack but got a switch-blade in his throat.

      So I doubt that any of the resident dragons will snack on this rabbit.

        1. Dragons don’t usually need or want hordes. Hoards, on the other claw, are another matter. Still, I’d understood those to be more an obsession than a need.

            1. Kevin! You were told that with the understanding that you’d keep quiet about it! [Grin]

  3. On further reflection … are you saying that you have discovered your shifter shape is a white rabbit?

  4. Opposable thumbs for the win!
    I realize why you and dictation software are not close friends, yet. But the technology is getting better, all the time.

  5. Hmm. I got up at 5:30, then had to go back to bed for a couple of hours.

    No, I don’t believe in any kind of “soul linkage” – but there’s something darned strange going on…

  6. How do you like the pocket watch? I need to get something because my clip-on watch’s hinge broke. (Can’t wear a wrist-watch – nickle allergy.)

    1. I made my own version of a belt-clipping hiking watch I’d seen. So my watch is on a little patch of leather that has a loop going around my belt.

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