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This Post Will Be Late

I have to go to the other house to be there to open the door to workmen.  When I’m back I’ll do a post about writing short stories.  Yes, I know indie they pay way less than novels.  But they have uses.  Like say a group of indies could do an antho to promo each other by association.  (Hey, guys, we should do that.)

And while there are entire books on writing short stories mine will be “how to write short stories if you’re a natural novelist.”

Give me a couple of hours.

I’ll be back.

  1. William Lehman #

    Great, shorts kick my ass.

    August 5, 2015
  2. CACS #

    It is a good thing that you didn’t title your post at ATH as you have this one. It would likely have lead to a long riff lifted from Monty Python’s Dead Parrot routine.

    August 5, 2015
    • Reality Observer #

      Yep. This will be the first place I check later – short stories are a mystery wrapped in an enigma to me…

      August 5, 2015
    • ‘This post is late.”
      “Naw, guv’nor, it’s not late, just delayed.”

      August 5, 2015

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