Okay, So I’m Late

And I don’t have the continuation of Elf Blood, yet.  I’d like to tell you this is because I have sort of an excuse.  Two excuses.  The first is the insane push to get the other house on the market so maybe it will sell during the short Colorado Sales Season and before we become insanely broke paying for double living arrangements ( a necessity foisted on us by the stupid cats.  Particularly the geriatric one.)

Yesterday I did about seven hours of painting and cleaning and came home unable to move/think, which has been pretty standard, and why any revision/writing is going at a glacial pace.

Right now I’m proofing/taking pen to a collection, Here Be Dragons, which contains among others, such little known gems as the third nuns in space story, and things like Blood Ransom.  I’m hoping to put it up before memorial day, so all my push is going into that.

It weighs in at 90k words, and I’ll put it up for the first week at the introductory price of 2.99.

Then what time I have is going to cleaning up/fleshing out/putting on bits on the thing I called The Haunted Air, but which is now Witch’s Daughter, and yes, it’s the story of how Michael Ainsling, youngest brother of the Duke of Darkwater gets involved with some very unsavory elements.


And what time I have should be understood to be around not just painting/fixing the other house but actually writing Darkship Revenge and trying to shut up Bowl of Red for Baen.  So, you see I’m kind of running on fumes, and going as fast as I can.  I promise to have Elf Blood and Rogue Magic, if not up at least on serialization again in a month or so, but give me a little space to breathe.

My priorities right now are dictated by money — see where we’re paying mortgage and rent at once.

Anyway, this is the longest “the IRS” (paying that self employment tax eats my account) “ate my homework” ever, but I promise to get stuff up soon.

Toodles.  I go write.

9 thoughts on “Okay, So I’m Late

  1. Sarah,

    You are on the road to health after a long period of lacking it.

    Similarly you are getting your house into shape ASAP to get out of the nastiness of paying for two abodes.

    Everyone who has followed you (either openly or quietly) knows this, and there is no need to apologize for it. Although it is sweet of you to do so. 🙂

    Life happens, and I am confident that your fans are simply happy that you seem to be getting closer to that light at the end of the proverbial tunnel…and that the light is not an approaching train!

    All of that said, personally I am looking forward to seeing what a healthy SAH with actual writing time available can accomplish. My bet is on glorious heights of SFF butt kicking greatness encompassing many, many books.

    1. I am a reader, not a writer. You have said what I could not have said as well. So, I will just a ditto under your post.

  2. I’ve read far too many shorts and Here Be Dragons sounds interesting. I’ve yet to read any of your works (only discovered you on the blogosphere a few months back), any prior knowledge required to read HBD?

  3. What, Sarah’s letting paying work interfere with blogging?!? Sheesh, what’s the world coming to? next thing you know, people will be saying that it rains in Texas or some other bit of nonsense. *grumbles off to get ready for a cook-out and BBQ*

  4. I’m sure you’ve seen a juggler, busily bouncing balls, and tossing one or two high, high up, while keeping the rest busily passing through his or her hands. There’s a certain suspense for the audience, watching those balls in flight, up overhead, and wondering when they come down if… Yes, they got caught and worked right back into the routine, and there’s a fountain of balls! Or perhaps the fellow with the spinning plates on wobbly sticks, giving this one a push, then that one, and watch, the one in the far back is wobbling, wobbling… Oh, there it goes, except he’s caught it and flipped it back up into the air.

    Don’t worry, we’re enjoying the show, and feeling the suspense of wondering will she drop that ball, and will it bounce, or what will happen next?

    1. Note, Sarah J Hoyt actually exists. I know because she kept mistyping her email which got me a lot of Lesbian Leather sites, until I got in touch with her and told her to cool it.
      I know it’s a typo, but it’s frequent enough it worries me, given that if the woman writes it wouldn’t be what I write…

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