In which a Monkey gets very irritable.

Sometimes I think God is on my side. Usually not when I hit my thumb with a hammer, or when the check is late and the bills due, but maybe He has a kindness for me in those too. I’m only simian and understanding the divine is basically something that some humans pretend to do, because a concept like ‘omniscient’ is too hard for them to wrap their heads around their not being. But when our internet access effectively collapsed along with the murderous atrocities committed by the Muslim terrorists trying to stifle free speech in the offices of Charlie Hedbo in France maybe he was stopping me from saying Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius — which I would have regretted forever.

It was still my first furious thought, of which I repent. It is against my principals, and neither justifiable, nor a winning strategy.

I calmed down a bit, which may possibly be worse. I’ve always fought the long war, and I believe it many times more effective and dangerous than the short rage. We need to beat them at our game, which we won’t do by playing theirs. That is what they want us to do. We write, we laugh, we show the ridiculousness of their position. We live better (I wonder when they’re going to work out that reading anything from Archie comics to Charlie Hedbo rather than memorizing Koran seems to produce a society with enough excess to support – and attract – parasites from places where some jackass imam can order your head cut off for the former. I guess that just proves that they need to import their intolerance, eh?).

However, in the interest of trying to get me to burst a blood-vessel and spare you all my inane blathering, I got a ‘popular on your twitter network’ e-mail listing, on one of the sporadic patches of e-mail that actually got through. (I am going to have to do something about that twitter network. There must be people on it with Arctic water temperature IQs on mine. Don’t some of you want to follow me so I can find something worth participating in it for?) It was a tweet by Saladin Ahmed (no, he’s not on my list, and will not be) ‘This is a hard but VERY important piece about how we eulogize the cartoonists @ Charlie Hebdo’ – and a link to a SJW site – Don’t go unless you really want to puke on your keyboard. Trust me, the big bits are bad enough but the little bits get stuck under the & key, and keep it stuck down &&&&&&& when you use it. I’ll just quote the crucial bit. You see it’s all the victims fault. They deserved it. According to Jacob Canfield they were ‘White men punching down’; ‘Its staff is white. Its cartoons often represent a certain, virulently racist brand of French xenophobia. While they generously claim to ‘attack everyone equally,’ the cartoons they publish are intentionally anti-Islam, and frequently sexist and homophobic.’
‘incredibly racist cartoons’.
‘the white editorial staff was interested in provoking: France’s incredibly marginalized, often attacked, Muslim immigrant community.’

Ah. So not only is Jacob Canfield more ill-informed than the patch of ground in the corner of my pigpen that my pigs used as a latrine (Charlie Hedbo has provable record of attacking everything from the far right, the Catholic church, the French equivalent of rednecks (a caricature so common he had a name), and in the media establishment, punching down — attacking soft targets who cannot fight back — is attacking people who are not Islamic (many Moslems are ‘white’), female, or homosexual, or of any other race but ‘white’, and this has been the case, increasingly, for at least 40 years. A little examination shows in his haste to blame the usual SJW scapegoat, that not all the staff were male. I doubt all of the victims were ‘white’ and I’d give long odds they weren’t all heterosexual either. But never mind Jacob. Don’t let facts stand in the way of your racist bigotry.) but according to him letting the victims be silenced is the right thing to do. Jacob thinks doing the obvious appropriate thing – “Don’t let the victims be silenced. Spread their work as far as it can possibly go. Laugh in the face of those savage murderers who don’t understand satire.” is just wrong. No, they deserved it. They were bad-think people, with bad free speech.

In this case, it is the wrong response.“- Jacob Canfield

Because ‘freedom’ of speech is only important if we say exactly what you want us to say, Jacob? Other speech deserves to silenced by murder.

Yes, that makes perfect logical sense, doesn’t it Jacob? You can use Islamic terrorist murderers as SJW PC-speak enforcers. Freedom of speech for me but not thee, that works for you, does it?

Well, it doesn’t. Not even for SJW’s like Jacob and his enablers and supporters. Because freedom to speak, to criticize – even to spout septic shit falsely slandering the victims (did those rape victims – it was their fault, by your logic, Jacob – do a good job, teaching women their place?) has to be defended. Even when you don’t like what was being said. ESPECIALLY when you don’t like what is being said. That’s why it applies to the KKK, the Westboro Jackasses or NK Jemison saying Australia is a dangerous racist place. That’s why I objected to the SFWA’s censorship of Resnick and Malzberg. That’s why I objected to the expulsion of Vox Day from SFWA. Otherwise, sooner or later, someone will decide you should be silent. And, no, despite your daydreams, you will not be the ruler passing the edict on the lesser people. It never ever works that way. History is full of proof of this.

And sooner or later, monkeys like me will have defend the likes of you. It always works that way. I hope history goes on being full of proof of that.

It’s the principle the West stands or falls by. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. But restricting freedom of choice, terrorizing and intimidating into silence the writers, damaging the publishers, or marginalizing it (echoes of last year’s SJW Hugo performance ring loudly in all of this. These were choices the ‘Social Justice Warriors’ made. I wonder if they get 72 experienced sexual partners of their chosen gender/s in the present or utopian afterlife of their choice for it?) you make yourself into the moral arbiter of others – which is pretty rich coming from most humans, all things considered. And if you SJW’s don’t like it… why don’t you move to IS territory in Syria? I believe they don’t tolerate ‘punching down’ or up or sideways of people they like. Just like you. You’ll love it there. Trust me. I’m a monkey. Would a lesser creature like myself lie to your elevated muck-a-mucks?

To the rest of you good people: let’s not let those victims be silenced.


  1. Don’t know Dave, your initial response does seem to be exactly what the jihadis are begging for, martyrdom, that express trip straight to an Islamic paradise with those oft quoted 72 virgins. Though personally that prospect would have me running in the other direction. Give me 72 smart experienced women any day, writers by preference, or at least STEM graduates.
    As I remarked the other day over at Sarah’s blog, Islam Delenda Est, to borrow shamelessly from Cato the Elder. Traditional fundamental Islam must go away. It would seem that the biggest problem with Islam has always been that its founder built in safeguards to prevent it from ever maturing from its primitive violent initial condition into something capable of integrating with the modern world. The Muslim world must undergo a reformation, relegate much of the initial teachings into a “that was then, this is now” bucket so that they may move on. Failure to do so will almost certainly result in exactly what abbot Arnaud Amalric called for at Béziers. Killing them all, or at the very least driving them all from civilized society seems to be the quick and dirty option in Europe. Perhaps here as well, though the American melting pot does eventually seem to work its magic of assimilation, erratically and with notable lapses as all natural processes are wont to do.
    As for the SJW crowd, does anyone even listen to them any more?

    1. I recall from Dan Simmons’s first Hyperion novel that the Muslim colonel takes down some Islamic terrorists at one point, mentioning that they follow an outdated form of his religion that most Muslims of his time have rejected. One can only hope that is one day the case.

    2. Perhaps we could arrange for their 72 virgins to be females of the Praying Mantis persuasion? I understand that they have very distinctive kinks.

      1. Jess -Mantis couple at marriage counseling. Counselor: ‘What do you want from a relationship?’
        He: “Caring, compassion, fulfilment, a friend, a companion…”
        She: “Dinner.”

    3. Remember that you also get 28 young hairless boys to go with those 72 women.
      That is a bad, bad religion.

    4. Uncle Lar, do you give the villain precisely what he wants? Or even what he expects and is prepared for? That does not seem a good strategy to me. I want us to win.

    5. The only way Islam will reform is if Mecca is totally and utterly destroyed. It is the bringing of every muslim in the world to that one place that re-enforces the religion, it’s control, and its barbarism.
      Get rid of Mecca, the Hadj ends. Without them being drawn together all the time, they will drift apart. Reform will happen.
      The Catholic Church didn’t change until people started drifting away and forming new versions. Mecca stops that from happening.

  2. The “Liberal” view of Freedom. You’re free to do/think what the “Liberals” like and nothing more. [Frown]

    1. And those limits get narrower by the hour, Drak. And they are not what 90%+ of people want to think/do. But they will intimidate, cost you your job and kill for a bit of terror to help their intimidation.

  3. The SJW crowd is loud and shrill. They are also pretty sterile and, frankly, powerless. They worked extremely hard to take control of the media, just to have it yanked out of their hands by technology.

    The person we really need to be concerned about is Achmed. He is fifteen years old, hates high school, and lives in a slum somewhere around Paris, London, etc.

    His body tells him he is an adult. But western society tells him he is a helpless child. He is stuck 6-8 hours a day in high school, learning an apparently useless curriculum set by somebody else. He does not have any responsibilities, and he cannot imagine the future in which he’ll have them. He is not being prepared for adult life.

    When the local Jihadi Imam offers Achmed the chance to become a shahid (= martyr) or at least a fighter for a cause, how do we get Achmed to realize the cause is stupid, and that western life is actually much better? That in a few years he’ll be able to be a real adult and control his own destiny?

      1. Not interested in that, exactly, because France wouldn’t listen to me. I am more interested in what can be done by authors in the YA space (such as our esteemed host, who my eldest considers second only to Tolkien).

        1. Ori, the point may be the seed falling on fertile ground with your son, rather than any ability to reach any and all teens. Look, I continue with my long strategy. The point, alas, is the SJW cannot argue against much of what I write about, but they know it is anathema. They really now they don’t want kids reading it. And no, I am not paranoid ;-/ but I’ve been blocked in distribution and publicity so often -where SJW crud of markedly lesser quality but on ‘message’ has been smothered in it, that I know I’m fighting an uphill battle. That hasn’t stopped me, but it’s been a real drag on me. Short of luck (or a shift in the Zeitgeist) I don’t see it changing. But it a war that needs to be fought, with books, movies, video games, and with the youth, AND their parents and parents peers, and society at large. Ideas are hard to plant, but once they start growing (even if wrong) harder to kill.

          1. It’s a combination of both. If the talent had not been there, he wouldn’t have given you such high marks. He especially loves the machines in your Cuttlefish series, BTW.

            You’re swimming against the SJW current, but never doubt that you have the talent.

    1. Qbzzt, it is notable that white South African schoolboys – the bottom of the ‘ you have future in this country’ pile in post-Apartheid society very suddenly developed a strong work ethic (which had been quite poor before the end of Apartheid), and shot ahead of girls, and males of other colors in school achievement – which also was not supported by the normal trends elsewhere. I suspect – without knowing enough, that this was true in various historical ‘endangered’ minorities, such as the Jews, where intelligence, and hard work were key to survival. It doesn’t always occur. So we have to look at why it becomes a meme among those groups. My suspicion is parental fears/hopes and the drive from that is the spark, not Achmed.

      1. Yes, but the parents have their personality and are unlikely to change. Achmed, OTOH, is a teenager. He is a lot more mentally flexible.

  4. These are the same people who embraced Requires Hate, but rejected us. How did that work out for them?

  5. Qbzzt, Achmed cannot be reached. he/she has been taught since birth that his religion is the only “real” one, and he is the pinnacle of evolution. There is no way to “reach” him/her, because she/he doesn’t want to be. Achmed (or his sister) is no longer in touch with any reality that the rest of us recognize. The “best” ting to do is to remove her/him, from this one, as rapidly as possible.

    1. And yet some have been reached. They whispered to patrols that Tuesday was a bad day to be at market. They dropped hints. It’s not a huge amount of support and it wasn’t insanely common, but it was more common than expected. We need to encourage the realization that we are less likely to hurt them than the jihadists. We need to live all the stuff we believe in. The hard core won’t get it, but the work-a-day types do and will. The problem is, this is the slow way. I don’t know if it is fast enough to be effective in the time frame it needs to be.

      1. Yes, I have a very hard time with declarations of irredeemability. I heard more quiet words whispered with a frantic glance than bold declarations, sure — but I did hear them.

        I still see the children in An Najaf and Baghdad and Mosul… I’m not prepared to say the best thing is their death. I’m just not.

      2. This, Wyrdbard. Look, this is hearts and minds counter-insurgency. It’s slow, the rewards are painfully small. There is carrot and stick, most of which goes 100% counter the current multiculti thinking. But it’s the only way terrorist insurgencies have been beaten. I think I saw the the 10 year figure somewhere, and I would argue that’s the just first phase. And the atrocities will get worse, the closer they get to losing.

      3. Jihadists did not spring fully formed from the ground overnight, as from some daughter of Zeus. It will take time for the moderates, the work-a-day types to gain strength. And frankly, with the problems they have over there now as a result of several failures (gutting the Iraqi army, abandoning them before they were strong enough), it ain’t going well…

        I don’t know if it will be quick enough, either, but in the end it is up to them, not us, to make it work. We can only support them (*if* we’re allowed). In the end, we have to- they’re part of the “good people of the world.”

  6. That is one of my favorite bits of Latin. Even if I’ve only gotten it learned to the point that I know ‘caedite eos’.

  7. You’ll have to forgive me if this runs a bit long and meandering. I’ll blame it on low blood sugar- I’ve not eaten yet. On the other hand, fasting is supposedly good for the soul. Ah, well. My soul is always in need of goodness, I can’t imagine a time when I’d not.

    Last week a tragedy occurred. Several, all counted together. The murders at Charlie Hebdo. The hostages. People not so very different from you and I, slain at work. Or just out shopping. Our prayers are with the survivors and their families, and all the good people of the world affected by this. This was terrorism, make no mistake, and the fault lies squarely on the shoulders of those who perpetrated this atrocity and the extremist ideology that they claim as their own.

    That said, they failed. The terrorists failed.

    Oh my, did they fail. Massively. When you fail so hard as to score points for the *opposing team,* causing the *exact* opposite of what you set out to achieve… there’s f*cked up and there’s this. Wow. I pray for the victims that they may find peace somehow. But the terrorists? Failed so hard folks will be laughing at them for *years,* folks.

    They wanted to “avenge” some perceived insult to their religion? Instead, they made it famous. People all over the *world* now have seen these cartoons. And have seen the easily pricked pride of the jihadists. People around the world now are wondering what they are trying to hide, by murdering cartoonists. CARTOONISTS, people.

    Were the terrorists gay? Was that why they shot up all those people? Was this some sort of homophobic compensation for something that would have gotten them killed in their religion, had they let that secret lust show? Were they merely idiots, thinking that killing a cartoonist would kill the image, the idea that was created? Who knows. But now the world is thinking about it.

    Terrorism wins when people are afraid to even say anything that might draw their attention and ire. True, there are some puling cravens in the media who let fear take hold of their manhoods (and womanhoods). Anyone can feel fear. There is no shame in admitting that.

    It is what one does *next* that separates courage from cowardice. In this, it is hard to resist mocking them, for their own actions have revealed what small, fearful beings they are. Out of all the things out there, they chose to attack writers and cartoonists. Not with words which might have swayed a few weak minds to their side, but with bullets. This is why they fail, time and again. Their ideology is flawed, their methods are erratic, and their message is unreasoning hate. They have descended from a culture that created to one that can do nothing but destroy- in the end, they destroy themselves.

    Live well, good people. Laugh, love, work, and write, if your preference takes you there. Be not afraid. Fear serves their ends. Every day, babies are being born and new joy comes into the world. The fact that our happiness and contentment causes them no end of angst and frustration is just a happy little side benefit.

    1. I do appreciate the sentiment, but I fear we may not be winning.

      The terrorist are achieving their goals.
      They want to punish the publisher for offending them and keep others from offending them.

      The link below has a list of “News” organization that are not publishing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad. Even though those are at the heart of this story.

      Why are the brave defenders of the First Amendment and the freedom of the press not showing them?

      New York Times explained their decision not to show the images in an email from a spokesperson: “Under Times standards, we do not normally publish images or other material deliberately intended to offend religious sensibilities. After careful consideration, Times editors decided that describing the cartoons in question would give readers sufficient information to understand today’s story.”

      AP spokesman Paul Colford told BuzzFeed News, “You’re correct: None of the images distributed by AP showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. It’s been our policy for years that we refrain from moving deliberately provocative images.”

      CNN memo obtained by Politico showed the network would not show images of the cartoons.
      “Although we are not at this time showing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of the Prophet considered offensive by many Muslims, platforms are encouraged to verbally describe the cartoons in detail,” the memo says. It states that photos of the cartoons held by demonstrators during protesters are “OK, if shot wide.”

      All the major networks and cable channels are declining to show them. Asked whether NBC News would show images of the Muhammad cartoons in the course of its reporting on the story, a NBC News spokesperson said, “Our NBC News Group Standards team has sent guidance to NBC News, MSNBC, and CNBC not to show headlines or cartoons that could be viewed as insensitive or offensive.”

      Stephen Pollard, the editor of the Jewish Chronicle in the U.K., tweeted on Wednesday that news organizations like his face a special risk if they choose to publish the cartoons:
      Get real, folks. A Jewish newspaper like mine that published such cartoons would be at the front of the queue for Islamists to murder.

      These are the same “News” organizations and SJW that want to speak truth to power. As long as you don’t hurt them.

      Their concerns and fear of violence is well founded and understandable, but it doesn’t come from a principled decision not to offend.

      The pen is mightier than the sword, until the sword is at your throat.

      I hope they enjoy the fruits of the incentives they are encouraging among our enemies.

      1. That is neither new nor notable. The news media has been rooting for the enemy for quite some time.

        The censorship is perhaps not in response to threats, but instead what they would do anyway for anyone they think would serve their ends.

      2. Showing the craven media to be craven is not indicative that we are not winning.

        It, perhaps, highlights the work to be done. But the media is not representative of me by any measure.

        Mr. Freer’s missive is far likelier to reflect the majority attitude than the belly-bared, squirming cowards in the media.

        1. SHOWING the craven media to be craven is a step in the right direction. It was when they could bury the story of their craveness that we were really at risk.

      3. Really, what was needed was concerted action. All (or a lot of) the media putting up a CH cartoon that the Islamists hated. That would have killed this intimidation dead. Instead we have many media – especially the left appeasing the murderers.

      4. “I do appreciate the sentiment, but I fear we may not be winning. “

        Yes, they are indeed showing their bellies and cowering, but they are not you and I, and the many other good people here. And the still more I see every day in my little town of Speck, and I am sure exist in Spots all over the world, in places big and small. The media have a big voice, but they do not speak for all, or even most these days.

        As Dave says, we had a chance to give the terrorists the finger by publishing the covers far and wide, creating such a wave of resistance it would be pointless to pick and choose among them. Unsurprisingly, the big media companies took the path of least virtue.

        The jihadists also are playing to their own culture- they want either massive denials and capitulation or reprisals against Muslims in general: lakes of glass, etc. They use that to forward their narrative that the West is evil and out to get them, all of them, so why not join the extremist cause?

        When we reveal their foibles and mock them, they lose. We’re not rabidly advocating genocide or religious war (which they want to hear from us). We’re not cowering under our beds, waiting to pay our tax so we can practice or not practice or non-jihadist religion/nonreligion, meekly assenting to Sharia. Terrorism doesn’t look sexy and cool to the disaffected youth in that culture when folks are pointing and laughing.

        Occasionally there will be a comeuppance visited on those that encourage the various bullies and bully-wannabes in the world. I can relish the irony of Iowahawk “We’re not cowards, we’re just totally super respectful of the beheading community.” I can also hope (though I don’t think it likely) that some media person somewhere will see the folly of their appeasement, and refuse to censor themselves to pander to these fools.

  8. Okay, you people need to stop being so freaken brilliant. A side comment led me to a reference, which lead me to another blog, and I quickly got immersed, and….
    Stop it, would you, just stop it!
    Look: I only have ONE job which affects the outside world, just one: I read your books, and I review them on Amazon. It’s a new job, but I like it, and if y’all don’t stop being so brilliant in your blogs, I’m gonna subscribe to them, and then I’ll NEVER get anything read!
    I’m reading Sarah’s “Wings” right now, and it’s just pathetic how I’m hoarding it. I’m watching the little blue line at the bottom of the screen slowly edge over to the right, and I don’t want it to reach the end. Nothing saying I can’t re-read, I understand that, but it’s just so GOOD… I approached the initial read like a puppy, wriggling and wagging my tail; I almost wet the floor. Hooray for Depends! (Not really, honest.)
    With respect to the topic of this blog, I am saved from my most savage responses by that of my son, Sergeant Eli Jordan Patterson, formerly Alpha Battery 1/214 FA, Georgia Army National Guard. He was injured in a rocket attack in Afghanistan, and is still being treated. He told me, on the occasion of reading John Ringo’s story about the guitar player’s defiance, that his personal contact with Afghani troops and citizens prevented him from forming prejudices toward an entire people because of the actions of a few. My savage animal wants to kill them all, but it’s held in check by my son’s position, which I must respect. And that permits me to support a well thought-out plan to eliminate the evil, systematically and without remorse.

  9. I saw this great comment on PJM that I’ve been repeating everywhere:

    If those marching in the streets of Paris were serious every sign would be a cartoon of Mohammed. – Joan of Snark

  10. Trust me, the big bits are bad enough but the little bits get stuck under the & key, and keep it stuck down &&&&&&& when you use it.

    That certainly is a thing to make a Monkey very irritable. Especially if the Monkey is trying to randomly type the complete works of Shakespeare.

    Have you read, and do you remember, ‘Been a Long, Long Time’, by the inimitable R. A. Lafferty? His troop of typewriter-bashing monkeys finally succeeded, after aeons of work, in generating the complete works of Shakespeare. Or so they thought. Upon careful proofreading, it turned out there was a bit of mechanical trouble with The Phoenix and the Turtle:

    From this session interdict
    Every fowl of tyrant wingg,
    Save the eaggle, feather’d kingg,
    Dam machine the g is sticked.

    Whereupon they had to start all over. A sad day for monkeys everywhere; and be thou well advised.

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