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What to do today

Well, I could talk about Steven Colbert and his war on Amazon. I have no idea who he is (sorry, different country) but I know it caused squeaks of girlish glee from several very anti-Amazon trad authors. Hmm. Looking through the comments on the link I provided, it’s far from obvious that the war is lost by Amazon. I think this card was played, hard, last time. I get the feeling that the world has moved on a little bit since then. People are poorer, and authors have other options. The bestseller list is about 50% Indy now, which considering the accounting, and the transparency, and speed of payment is hardly surprising as choice, for authors with a following and the courage to make the leap. It’s not an easy decision, because we have little or no skills or training in many areas we used to believe someone better would take care of… I still believe there are more skilled people than I am at cover design, blurbs, editing etc… but the value they put on themselves I begin to feel exceeds the reality of what they’re worth to me.

Or I could mention that, purely by chance, Hachette is laying off 30 people. (Anyone want a bet they’ll be editors, cover-copy writers, proof-readers, cover design artists, and not the company drones? Not giving good odds.)

Or I could point out that if Damian Walter of the Grauniad gets his wish that sf/fantasy becomes more ‘inclusive’ of the 7 Billion people on earth and not (Western – European and American) white males (which it sure isn’t now, except in his delusions), and reflective of their world views, that his other daydream a future where sf is queer, is also dead in the water, on account of the fact that a majority outside the Western world (and a good percentage inside it) in Africa, and Asia think… shall we say… otherwise. Stoning, pushing walls on them and jail being more popular in their world view. I don’t think Damian is going want them and their bad-think views, after all, somehow. But given that the demographics of Europe and the US are decidedly negative, and the opposite is true for those parts of the world… well, this year there are actually less people sharing his vision of the future than last year. It’s a whole new view on ‘winning’. Perhaps he needs to rethink this ‘inclusive’ thing. I have a feeling it’s not going to work out terribly well if it ever happens. The role of women or attitudes to other races in the growing part of that ‘inclusive’ may make him terribly sad too (sure as hell don’t make me feel too good). And somehow I don’t think those folk are ready to let him tell them how to think, even if he and his little friends tell them they ought to. But perhaps he should go to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Uganda, and preach it to them, instead of us. Myself I’d settle for a more representative (not ‘inclusive’) English First language readers slate – which would include people of different social and political views from him… and from me (not hard). But thinking is not his metier.

Instead I will put up a piece of STARDOGS, and hope you will be curious enough to buy it. We’re nearly there…

The People’s Empire of Gotha stretched across light-years. The mind-maps of the great Stardogs had taken men to 432 planets. The Empire held sway over all of them, even if only tenuously on a few like Arunachal. And of course many of the Denaari worlds had been virtually uninhabitable… But even so, the new Emperor, Turabi II, ruled absolute over 300 billion people.
Such power is beyond human understanding. Let us turn instead to a weeping girl who had hidden herself deep in the shrubbery of the vast enclosed imperial gardens of Phillipia, the seat of the Empire. She was nineteen. She had survived just about as many assassination attempts as she had years. This, the last one, an hour and a half ago, had cost her the life of her mother-figure as well as her father and step-mother.
She couldn’t have cared less about her father and step-mother, even if their death had put that horrible little toad, her sixteen year old step-brother Turabi, on the Diamond Throne. The Princess Royal wept instead, bitterly, inconsolably for her peasant-born ex-nurserymaid, who had mothered her, raised her, and finally shielded her beloved charge with her own body. Flecks of Lea’s blood stained her dress. The Princess knew that they were still out there, looking for her. Right now, she almost didn’t care if they found her.
Princess Shari buried her face in the fur of a small dog of dubious parentage. The dog, with canine understanding, allowed this, despite the fact that he was a Dog-of-Immense-Dignity, who believed that cuddling should only be permitted at times and places of its own choosing. The dog growled abruptly. The delicate pale green curtain of hanging Sambar-lilies parted.
Shari looked up. For a moment she thought it was her brother’s crony, Selim Puk. The man had the same almond eyes and dark hair, and moved with same catlike deadly grace. But this man was smaller. And the eyes were a softer brown. “I suppose you’ve come to kill me,” she said calmly.
In his hands the thin garrote-wire gleamed, confirming the truth of this. But he was startled. Hers was not the first life the high-priest of Kali-Dewa had sent him to harvest back into the great cycle. There had been many. But this was the first time he had been greeted thus. “You do not beg or plead?” This was an honorable thing indeed. Surely her rebirth would be a great one.
She shrugged, unafraid now that it had come. “Why? It wouldn’t make any difference. You’ve killed everyone I have ever loved. First Senn. Now my Lea.” She scratched the base of the dog’s ears. “I only have Otto here left. You won’t hurt him, will you?” She gave a tiny sigh, and hugged the mongrel, who turned to lick her nose. “I wonder what will become of him. He was only half-weaned when I found him. I don’t think he knows how to look after himself.” The dog, reassured by the calm tones, jumped off her lap and went to sniff the boots of the killer. Without thinking the man put a hand down to pet it.
“I have killed none of these people, lady. I will not harm your dog. I give my word that I shall find it a suitable home.”
She looked faintly surprised, but patted her thigh, calling Otto back to her. “Thank you. I didn’t expect that from one of Selim’s hatchet-men.”
“I am no one’s hatchet-man, lady. I am the holy executioner of the Kali-Dewa.” He stepped forward, unwinding the garrote.
“How depressing. You’re going to kill me for this ‘Kali-Dewa’ and I don’t even know who he is. I thought you were too pleasant to be one of my late father’s or my brother’s pet murderers.”
She made no move to resist as he skilfully dropped the loop of braided steel wire around her slim white neck. “You are a person of great honor, even if you do not know that the Dewa is always female. Where possible we are instructed to allow the victim a last prayer for their souls to ensure rebirth closer to the Dewa. I grant you this time to make your peace with the Goddess.”
His victim sighed. “I’ve no one to pray for except Otto. Lea and Senn are dead. Kill me if you’re going to. I’m so tired of running and being scared all the time.”
The wire slackened slightly. “You are supposed to pray for yourself, for forgiveness.”
The holy executioner was definitely at a loss now. “Because… well, because of your tyrannical rule of my people, and persecution of the holy church. You are the Duchess of Arunachal, after all.”
His victim began to laugh helplessly. Eventually, interspersed with little hiccups of hysterical laughter, she explained to the puzzled killer, “I’m hiding in the garden from my brother’s assassins. I haven’t a friend in the world besides my dog. I might be an Imperial Princess to you, but believe me, I couldn’t tyrannize anybody. I don’t think I could even order lunch now. I’m the titular head of seventeen planets, and patron of dozens of organizations. You don’t really think that really means anything do you? You don’t think I’m allowed to actually do anything, do you? I don’t even know where half the places are, never mind anything about them!”
“That is a sin itself. You should have found out, done something, gone to your dominions,” said the executioner doubtfully, as the dog sprang off her lap.
She shrugged. “So kill me for it. I haven’t even been able to get out of the palace to save myself, never mind visit my so-called dominions.”
By this stage the holy executioner had forgotten the garrote in his hands. The dog barked and he almost throttled the Princess instinctively. But Otto was barking at someone outside the shrubbery.
“That’s her damned dog. The girl must be in there somewhere. Selim said we were to finish off the girl and that damn dog of hers.” The voices were close. The girl ignored the garrote, and grabbed the dog who had pressed against her knees. The holy executioner stared in puzzlement as she turned away from the voices and held it her arms. Abruptly he realized that she was trying to shelter the dog from the bullets she expected. Yet, by the fierce look in her eyes she had been prepared to attack the newcomers barehanded to defend the dog, had she not been certain that the animal too would be killed.
It was a moment of epiphany. The executioner dropped his garrote, and, secure in the knowledge that he stood in the presence of a light-incarnation of the Kali-Dewa herself, went forth.
A single, small Aranachali man armed with two ancient fourteen-inch knives should really have been no match for two of Selim Puk’s professional killers. The men were top-graduate assassins trained for two years by the Imperial Security Service.
It actually was no match at all. The Dagger of the Goddess had begun his training when he could barely walk. He had twenty years of training to their two. His bloodline too had been honed for many, many generations to this purpose.


It’s up – click via the picture and I get an extra couple of percent 🙂

  1. Stardogs sounds cool. I love it!

    June 9, 2014
    • Thank you. I believe you also have a collection out today? (yes, one brief pimping is socially acceptable.) – Eileen was one of the authors who took part in our writing workshop at Conclave II in Auckland New Zealand. They’re a get up-and-go-bunch :-).

      June 9, 2014
    • Stardogs is, as the kids say, way cool. Dave has outdone himself with it, imo.

      June 9, 2014
      • Thank you. I did put a lot into it.

        June 9, 2014
  2. Not that I wouldn’t have bought anything with your name on it, but this one’s never going to see the to-be-read pile. I shall devour it instantly. Soon, right? Soon?

    June 9, 2014
    • Very soon – I just have an internet issue right now – which should be resolved in the next two days. It took 20 minutes to put this post up, let alone a book.

      June 9, 2014
  3. EARC!! EARC!! EARC!!

    June 9, 2014
    • Keith, Keith. Calm down, and just buy it as soon as the deale… Er, Dave Freer puts it up. Don’t worry, you’ll get your fix soon.

      June 9, 2014
    • 🙂 there really seems no point, as $3.99 version will go live as soon as my ISP gives me more than dial up speed – at which I can’t load the cover, let alone an ARC…

      June 9, 2014
  4. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard #

    I like this “holy executioner”. [Smile]

    June 9, 2014
    • You have impeccable taste.

      June 9, 2014
  5. Dang it! I have books to write, stories to format and upload, an office to dry out, and lectures on fate and predestination to write. Dave, I love reading your work, but I just don’t have time! 😉

    June 9, 2014
    • I also need several more ‘me’s to do all the stuff, so I can read and go fishing and… except I have it on reliable authority that other me’s would want me to do the stuff so they can go fishing and read…

      June 9, 2014
  6. Excellent stuff, Dave. I look forward to reading the rest of it. May have to block out a day, starting in the morning. Losing sleep to perfidious writers is bad juju with a newborn around.

    June 9, 2014
    • Eh, KilteDave, newborns = lack of sleep. I would hate to add to an aleady real problem I still remember too well!

      June 9, 2014
      • I have long wanted to be the hexaperson from the Karres universe. Ah, well.

        June 9, 2014
        • A bit early to start with the bedtime stories, but, you could give it a try . . .

          June 9, 2014
  7. robfornow #

    There was a fight between Bluray and HD in the DVD selection a few years ago. Walmart sold both. Eventually,Walmart said- “Our customers prefer Bluray. HD disappeared. There are other book distributors just as there are other retailers. But Steve and buds need to remember who is putting the majority of the books to the viewers and one of these days Amazon may just say, “Our customers prefer ___ and you are taking up too much screen space.” Or is that not already happening?

    I just finished ‘Crawlspace’ Looking forward to your next offering but, like TXRed, there are so many on the shelf, to my regret, it may take a while.

    June 9, 2014
    • I think it IS happening, and that’s no small part of the subtext here. The publishers and the publishers darlings are desperately worried that their ability to ‘push’ books is severely under threat.

      June 9, 2014
      • Which it is. Partly, it’s a threat of their own making. Had they poured promised funds into promotion across the board, midlisters wouldn’t be nearly so eager to jump ship.

        June 10, 2014
  8. BobtheRegisterredFool #

    Colbert claims to be a political comedian.

    He is a leftist Democrat who pretends to be a conservative Republican as part of his act. I don’t know how much of a strawman the act is.

    Okay, maybe that doesn’t help much.

    The Republican party was established as part of the antislavery movement. The more established Democratic Party attempted a revolution to preserve slavery, and the Republicans reacted to crush the revolution, and preserve the Republic. (General Sherman, IIRC, articulated the view that if successful, the revolution would have been the first of many, fragmenting the nation into splinters.)

    June 9, 2014
    • And they’re still busy with that attempt to splinter thing, right? I have to say that after 20 years of observing US politics as an outsider, I have gone from being totally confused, to merely puzzled.

      June 9, 2014
      • phunctor #

        Eric Cantor, House Majority leader, just got handed his head in a primary. As is to be expected he is angry and outraged that those ungrateful peons so forgot their place as to vote for his opponent.

        June 11, 2014
  9. “An avatar followed me home. Can I keep her?”

    June 9, 2014
    • If you housetrain her, yes.

      June 9, 2014
  10. Synova #

    Love the story… but… what happens next?

    June 9, 2014
    • A part answer -which _MAY_ be worse: She waited. No bullets came. Instead the silence grew. She turned around, unable to wait any longer.
      The slight, non-descript man who had held a garrote around her throat, stood there patiently. He was calmly tracing a cross in blood on a long zig-zag bladed knife. Even through the thin film of blood the blade gleamed with endless silky oyster fold patterns. “May they be reborn among the eaters of Denaar-filth.” He wiped the blade carefully on a scrap of cloth which had once been an imperial trooper’s insignia of rank, and slid the blade into its hidden sheath.
      He bowed to her. “Your life has been called into the hands of the Kali-Dewa by the high priest on Arunachal, and I am one who is sworn to give it to her for judgment. Yet I see that your work in this incarnation is yet to be done. Accordingly, I must keep your soul within this body until the words of the High Priest Suttulej become truth, and you become indeed the Scourge of Arunachal and the bane of the Holy Church.”
      “And if I never do?” she asked with just a ghost of a smile.
      He considered the question with gravity. “I shall have to guard you all your life and wait until your last breath. Then I shall part it from you with the holy blade, so that my oath may be fulfilled.”
      She shook her head. “You can’t just do that. It’s not that easy. I can’t suddenly just have an extra servant or something, you know. Imperial Security will take you, torture you, and then… kill you.”
      “I am already officially part of your retinue, Princess. Or at least the man I have replaced…was.” He allowed himself the shadow of a smile too. “He was also an assassin, and already part of your Imperial Security.”
      “You’ll be killed,” she said. “Everyone close to me is.”
      He shrugged. “I will surely be reborn closer to the Dewa. Shall we go, Princess? You will be safer in a more public place.”
      “What is your name? I can’t just call you … assassin.”
      “I have replaced a man called Amadeo Cerros, so that is what you should call me. I was given to the church as a newborn. I have never had an actual name. My title, by which I called, would be difficult for you to pronounce. It simply means ‘Dagger of the Goddess’ among my people,” he said casually. Otto had jumped up against him, and he petted the dog as he spoke.
      She reached a decision. “Otto likes you. Let’s go then, if we can. Perhaps you can get us out of here.”
      “Is that all you desire, Princess?” Something about the way he asked indicated that he was certain he could get her past the superb security net that enclosed the palace.
      She paused. Her brow wrinkled and she seemed to look elsewhere, on a far vision. She gave a tiny sniff. Eventually she said quietly, “No. Right now, what I really want is to destroy the entire Empire.” She gave a small laugh. “Just me, one girl against the most powerful Empire in history.” She raised her chin, quite unaware that she looked like her great grandfather Vespasian. The charismatic Vespasian who had led his troops from certain defeat to victory at Alresa. “I’d still like to bring the whole rotten structure down, and see the loyal people I loved avenged. No,” she corrected herself, “Not avenged. My Lea didn’t believe in that. Just… to see it couldn’t ever happen again.” She looked him in the eye, “Should I add independence for your Arunchal to the impossible wish-list?”
      He bowed. “It is written, Princess, that nothing is impossible in God’s time. We will not be able to do these things right now, of course, but they are noble goals. I pledge myself to them.” He led her out of the shrubbery. “I agree, they will be easier to achieve from within, than from the outside. I will teach you the Arunachal Thuggee way of fighting, which is to use your enemy’s strength against him.”
      It wasn’t quite what she’d meant.

      June 9, 2014
      • Synova #


        June 10, 2014
  11. Eleanor #

    More! More! I just checked Amazon. Not there yet. No pressure.

    June 9, 2014
    • Thank you. 🙂 Eh, with luck tomorrow. I’m running at dial-up speed ATM. It caves in every time I try.

      June 9, 2014
  12. Can’t wait to buy Star Dogs 🙂 Looking great Dave.

    June 10, 2014
    • I’m working on it today 🙂 just need to go to the dentist first. 😦

      June 10, 2014
  13. Synova #

    Is Stardogs related to Dragon Ring and Dog and Dragon?

    June 10, 2014
    • Not at all, I’m afraid :-). Look this is part of my ‘retirement’ and ‘keep author from going insane’ plan, with the spin off of ‘gather a few readers from different areas’ plan. Probably, like most battle plans not surviving the first brush with reality. As a writer – who doesn’t earn a lot – there is no retirement. What we hope there is, is a point where we don’t have to promote much, just write another ‘long awaited sequel’ (and I mean sequel, not continuation. I try very hard for stand alone but in the same universe, and maybe some of the same characters.) Now, one of the problems with long running series is they get steadily weaker as the author takes strain. I noticed, however that a couple of authors who carefully bounced between universes did a much better job of it – obviously a change is as good as a holiday (well, better than nothing). So I hope I’m setting up a number of universes – in which I have ideas for other books, and hopefully fans of that book will want another. I hope to write more Dragon’s Ring, several more Slow Train, and another Mankind Witch, and the full book of Bolg, and – dependent on rights, a final RBV and a full novel of Crawlspace. I’d like to do a final Cuttlefish/steam-mole. I probably will do no more Pyramid books (although it is not right off the table) and after the Karres book I am scheduled with Baen for, and the Heirs book, no more of those either. Of course – besides those 7 (including Stardogs, which stands alone, but I hope will call for more from readers) I’ve got quite a long list of other books I want to write. 🙂

      June 10, 2014
      • Amazing how the number of story ideas starts looking really impressive, when you sit down and add them all up.If I live to my grandparent’s late nineties, I may write them all–but by then I will have thought up so many more . . .

        June 10, 2014
  14. Carbonel #

    I’m sold!

    June 10, 2014
  15. Chris Chittleborough #

    It’s heeeere! Just bought my copy. Will be away from keyboard for a while …

    June 11, 2014

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