You guys can’t possibly expect a post on Easter

(UPDATE:  Have an Easter egg!)

What?  You do?

Okay fine.  I have one half written, but the demands of the roast and the cheesecake have kept me from finishing it.

I suppose I should feel guilty.  Sort of.  But instead my only thought is…

Look at this bunny, eating a banana!

How can you not like bunny eating banana?  I can’t have carbs, and the adorableness is putting me in sugar shock.  You need more?

Look at the expression!  “I can has banana!”  Lookit.

What, not enough?

Tough crowd…

Well, as you can see from the pictures above, my brain is mush, so you don’t WANT that chapter anyway.  I SWEAR I’ll resume next week.

Now, go do something fun!


  1. I know that bananas are on the carbs list for bad but my husband and I eat them anyway… call it a potassium rich sweet potato in a yellow skin and call it good.

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