The Audience is Helping Me But The Cathup Is Hell

Sorry, guys — I really thought I could do a chapter today, but I REALLY need to read back through Elf Blood before I try to continue it, or it will just become an unholy mess.  It’s already changed enough from written plot plan that it’s not going to do any good to follow that.

And I really am terribly sorry — this year has not been good for serials, but part of  it is trying to catch up on last year’s work.  I promise to give substantial installments and a way to buy advanced copies when I resume which REALLY should be no later than the beginning of May.

Meanwhile the most important lesson I’ve learned from the release of Witchfinder: I can write a novel a chapter a week and have it turn out well.

This is an enormous boost of confidence and it might, in the end, overcome the biggest source of block in me: the conviction that this time the book will really suck, because, fill in the blank: I don’t feel it; I’m ill; it’s too scattered; it’s too weird… etc, etc.

This one was written in dibs and dabs in public, and people like it.  So I can tell the inner voice to shut up.

And now I’ll go back to working on Through Fire (after I close my eyes for ten minutes, because I have near migrane level sinus headache.)

Sorry to delay so much.  I thought I could write this, then life interfered.

5 thoughts on “The Audience is Helping Me But The Cathup Is Hell

  1. Take care. [Smile]

    Oh, I won’t comment about the fact that you first posted this in AccordingToHoyt. [Wink]

  2. Yes, Witchfinder was good. I did enjoy it. If you’ve found a method that works to turn out books like that, I say keep it up. Reinventing the 19th century serial novel in a 21st century format has proven successful.

  3. Hopefully the inner voices aren’t yelling back, fingers stuck in their ears, chanting “I CAN’T HEAR YOU”

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