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There will be a post

Hey, guys, I just wanted to let everyone know there will be a post but it will be late today. Sarah is fighting a bug and wasn’t able to get a post set up last night. Unfortunately, it seems to be a bug most of us are fighting at one level or another so we each virtually looked at each other last night with blank stares when she asked if we could cover for her today. So, for the moment, we’re putting up a place holder until one of us has enough working brain cells to post something that makes sense. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions about what you would like us to cover, leave a comment below. Thanks!

  1. BobtheRegisterredFool #

    I sent an attempt at a guest post in to Sarah recently. I haven’t heard if it is terrible, needs too much work, redundant, spam trap, wrongly formatted or to be used at a later time. (It covers a much less useful way of answering ‘where do ideas come from’, and I sent it after Sarah posted her more useful answer.)

    Actual question the first, is there a specific way to submit potential volunteer columns here?

    Secondly, Comedy. How do people go about writing it?

    I’m also keeping my eyes out for writers of comic shorts. I think I need to read many more of these to understand better how they are put together. I know Wodehouse and Kipling are supposed to be very good, and I know where to find them. Can anyone tell me of any others?

    February 19, 2014
    • Bob #

      Twain, H. Allen Smith, McManus, Ephraim Kishon, Jerome K. Jerome.

      February 19, 2014
      • BobtheRegisterredFool #

        Thanks. I’m definitely going to need to study some of these some more.

        February 21, 2014
    • My one attempt at writing a specifically funny story was to use satire, taking known characteristics and exaggerating them, but not so far that it became heavy handed. Those folks in the field that have read the story think it’s hilarious, but I’m not certain if other people will be as amused. Wink-and-nod humor comes much more easily to me – I can’t write comedy, and I have not found many writers (aside from Patrick McManus) who hit my funny bone consistently. I “hear” humor much better than I read or write it, if that makes any sense.

      As for guest posts, you might drop a follow-up note, just making sure Sarah got the piece. I’ve had things bounce or vanish into the aether, both ways. *shrugs*

      February 19, 2014
      • BobtheRegisterredFool #


        Makes perfect sense to me. My brain’s handling of visual and auditory can differ enough to be notable.

        I plan to, now that I have some free time.

        February 21, 2014
    • Jim McCoy #

      Here’s some stuff that I wrote. I’m not sure if you’d have to register for the site to read it though.

      Warning: Not for the easily offended.

      February 19, 2014
      • BobtheRegisterredFool #

        Thanks. I could read them without registration.

        I would have liked to have responded earlier, but my week has been a little messy for anything deliberate.

        February 21, 2014

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