In Vain I Have Struggled

This will not do.  Unfortunately, I simply don’t have enough spoons to write a chapter today, mostly because like a total idiot I stayed up very late last night playing with covers, now I finished the cover workshop.

I haven’t uploaded them yet, so I’ll put them here later.  AND TRULY I am very sorry.  I’m just… blank minded except for Through Fire.

I’m going to throw this open to ask me any question about writing/publishing you wish to, and I’ll either answer here, or use it as a basis for my Lifestyle columns.

For instance, I’m doing a “how to write proposals/outlines/queries” for PJM this week.  Is there something along those “short” lines you want to know and/or would like to request?

12 thoughts on “In Vain I Have Struggled

  1. You made a comment elsewhere about your shorts not selling as well as hoped/expected, and considering whether the price-point should move up or down.

    Regarding that, are there resources or data-sets (as it were) where you can see how given genres/lengths/X-metric is priced/is moving? Or are you stuck with trial and error?

    Tangentially, do you think shorts serve for building or expanding (or even maintaining) brand awareness?

    Many thanks.

  2. How about ways to make Word (and other word processing programs) do what I want and not what I tell them to do? I capitalized a word using the “select all” function (Regis) and then had to go through half the novel undoing Registration, reRegister, and you get the idea. Thppppth.

      1. If they don’t have “whole word only” you still can… give yourself a different problem, whether this is useful or not, I dunno. When you do the select all, put a single space before and after. Then all you have to worry about is the Regises, Regis’, Regised, Regiser… etc if applicable.

  3. And why is my brand new keyboard no better at spelling then the last one? You think they’d fix this tendency to make typos, wouldn’t you?

    1. Careful what you wish for, they’ll take the auto-correct they use in phones and tablets and stick it in your keyboard. Then you’ll find yourself correctly spelling odd words that don’t fit in context.

      1. Indeed. But having just finished the editing process on the last book, I tend to think it couldn’t possibly be worse than what I do myself. Then I cringe and hope The Great God Murphy didn’t hear me.

            1. Might be a story in there: Murphy is struggling mightily to do good, to be helpful. But through multi-tasking many times over his efforts consistently go drastically awry.

  4. When do you make the decision “I need to go find an expert/professional in that field / person with that hobby to beta”?

    1. That should be a full article. It’s an internal thing. I’m there with art. I know just enough to be frustrated at how bad I am and what I can’t fix. So I need a mentor. Unfortunately I don’t want to take the one who offered (long story) and the ones I CAN get are actually worse than I. Head>desk

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