I hate to do this, truly I do

But I’ll try to do two chapters next week.  I thought I had a hangover, which was odd since I was never drunk as such last night, but I just realized it’s a massive sinus attack.  I’m going to go have (more) hot tea.  Brainy no worky.

Sorry for missing a post of Elf Blood.


  1. Spicy food can clear the sinuses, at least temporarily (does for me). But as for the headache that goes with it, I can tell you bashing it against the wall is only a very very short term solution- the wall eventually breaks, then you need to call out for repairs, and they are noisy, and your head still aches…

    1. I stay away from sulfites (and, yes, they do a good job of imitating a sinus headache): no wine and no Dasani bottled water.

        1. Steam, mayhaps. It occasionally works for me.

          Unsolicited advice aside, do get well. This group ought to be able to entertain themselves in your absence.

  2. Since there is no topic today, I thought I’d ask if anyone understands Kobo’s rankings? For a few weeks I had a ranking in my categories. It kind of shifted around a little bit, but not as much as Amazon rankings do with a single sale. So, I thought maybe I’d sold a book on Kobo. Perhaps, two? Then my ranking shot from the 2,000’s to the 900’s. Joy. I must have sold a book. That lasted a couple of hours. Now I have no ranking. It’s still weeks until Kobo posts to Smashwords for August, and I was wondering if anyone understood how Kobo does its thing?

  3. Heh, maybe it’s “Open Thread” day?

    I had a quick question. How do people calculate words these days? Use the Word Processor’s word count, use the Character count and divide by 6, or is that 7 (6 characters and a space per “word”)?

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