Open Floor Tuesday

After reading Dave’s post yesterday, it sounds like his last few days are pretty much like my own. I’m going to throw the floor open today for you guys to discuss all things publishing related because I’m waiting only long enough for the doctor’s office to open so I can go in and see him. Long story short, I have a shoulder that doesn’t want to stay in socket and that plays havoc for typing. I’ll be back later today and will try to get a real post up. In the meantime, the floor is yours.

8 thoughts on “Open Floor Tuesday

  1. Huh. Won’t type with dislocated shoulder? Boy howdy. They don’t make Texas wimmen like they used to.

    Ahem. Sorry. Could not resist. Hope the doctor can do something about it. Although I suspect it will not make typing easier for some time. Picturing straps and slings and firm orders to give tendons and muscles time to recuperate and start doing their job properly again.

    On the publishing front, I’ve been having a great time with on-the-job training in Indie publishing. I’m about finished e-publishing my old series, and I’m eager to tackle the next hurdle, POD. I’ve got a professional editor looking over the first three novels, so all my reviews won’t read “Enjoyed it despite the typos and . . . ”

    Anyone else have any suggestions or experience with POD?

    1. Pam, we use CreateSpace and have had no problems with them. The one thing to remember is that the cover for a printed book does have different “requirements” than the cover for an e-book. My only real advice is not to go with anyone who requires you to buy a package. The only thing you should pay for is expanded distribution, if that.

      1. Okay, bad form to respond to myself, but there is something else to think about. There is cost to going POD, not the least of which is the expanded distribution channel and the ISBN, which is different from the e-book isbn (or should be). Then you have copyright if you haven’t already filed it for the e-book. So you need to set a minimum sales level for ebooks before you consider going print, unless it is simply so you have something to hand out/give away and you don’t care about the print not earning out.

      1. It’s a bit like the Church suddenly deciding to try running their own brothels. Hey, we’ve got these monasteries and nunneries that aren’t doing well, so what the heck, let’s try another business model.

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