Open Floor

Chris is under the weather and asked me to post an open floor today. You guys know the rules.

Feel better, Chirs!

8 thoughts on “Open Floor

  1. I’m not sure I want to know what we’d find if we opened up the floor of the Mad Genius Clubhouse. Probably a lot more interesting than just loose change and spiderwebs, though.

    1. Spilled ink, lost edits, and ideas that are so wild they got out and went feral?

      And mustn’t forget the left gloves and the socks.

      1. It’s the socks that scare me. Oh, and isn’t that a boot from someone’s spacesuit? There, yes, in that corner next to the snarling plot fragment. And that looks like a nest built by a “stet” that escaped the page.

        1. Is that a spacesuit or one of those high-temperature suits used by folks around molten metal, lava, and political arguments? I can only see the shiny looks pretty rubbed off…

          What are those books ferreted away there, in that shadow?

          1. I suspect *peers a little closer, brandishing a stick and flashlight* they are volumes rejected by publishers who should have known better. Oh, yes, that’s what they are! Come on, that’s it, good, book, nice book. *gently pets one* They really are quite friendly once you get to know them.

            And I think you’re right about the boot. There’s a little sulfur smell down here, so it may be from a political discussion.

  2. A Baen Author you all might be familure with, Larry Correia, is working with a pen and paper RPG publisher on an Monster Hunter International game/background book. They are planning a Kickstarter to help fund things and judge demand. He has a thread over on his blog soliciting ideas for goals, pledge rewards, and addons.

    This is the guy that self published in paper (before the kindle took off) and hand sold it to bookstores, where it sold well enough that Uncle Hugos contacted Toni at Baen and said Buy This Book! And the later books are hitting the NYTimes best seller list. Larry being the experienced business person and trained accountant that he is knows that more income streams are good so identified an open nitch and is working to fill it with something that has cross promotional appeal.

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