Saturday Open Floor

Next Saturday, we’ll be starting the workshop on pacing. Sarah will be leading it with help from some of the rest of us. Until then, this is your chance to talk about all things publishing. You know the rules. We’ll be checking back throughout the day to answer any questions, comment on your comments.

The floor is now yours!


  1. Just saw Prometheus and I don’t want to go into spoilers, but there were a number of story issues that I found dissatisfying from an SF point of view; who wins and who loses and why and what reasons were given (or not) and themes that were introduced and abandoned.

    (Lots of gross monster action, so if it’s your sort of thing don’t let me discourage you seeing it.)

    I would much have rather seen a movie made of Ryk Spoor’s _Boundary_, not being a monster-movie sort of girl. Some of the same potential questions were there, and a little bit of the same structure.

    1. Do you get what you pay for, or are they honest in their review? On second thought, there is no good answer to that question.

      1. My point exactly. Merely by charging to review books, they induce doubt about their objectivity. And after browsing through some of said reviews, those doubts are quite justifiable.

          1. “If it is a negative review, you can request that it never see the light of day.”

            I suppose they think that selling reviews is made somehow ethical by giving the author/paid-advertiser that option.

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