My apologies

by Amanda S. Green

I’m going to have to beg your indulgence today. I meant to have Part 3 of The Road to Digital Publication ready to go up this morning but I don’t. A close family friend – his wife and I grew up next door to one another — has been in the hospital since Thursday and I’ve spent as much time as possible there with the family. So my brain hasn’t been in work mode, much less blogging mode. I promise to continue the series Tuesday.

Until then, if you have any questions or anything specific you want me to cover, please leave it in the comment section below. Thanks again for understanding.


  1. There’s a problem with short stories and samples. If the story is really short–flash fiction like my “Fancy Farmer,” the sample just shows the title and legal page.

    As someone on the Kindle board said, that warns people that it’s really short. Fine but they still don’t know what it’s like. And then someone suggested putting the legal page at the end of the document. Umm, sounds sensible to me. And I suppose you could also have a page listing other work by the author, or an author bio, and at least ensure the first page can be sampled.

    So, I guess my questions are, is there a legal reason to have the copyright page up front? And at what point does extra material become padding the manuscript to make it look longer?

  2. Hi, Amanda. I hope your friend recovers from his illness. That sort of thing really turns your life upside down. My mother had a very protracted stay in hospital before she passed away, so I know how this can have a real impact. I’m sure your friend greatly appreciates the support.

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