And they got married and lived happily ever after.

This is likely to be one of my shorter posts, on account of it’s our 30th wedding Anniversary and one of the sure ways to not be living happily ever after will be to be writing blog posts to all hours of the night tonight. I’ve had a busy week… mostly not doing a lot of writing, but a lot of learning in the independent field.

is Dave’s curiosity test. Is the readership of Romantic stories as sexist as its editors and publisers? Or will they read something (shudder) a man? I’m also learning to do covers… I have very limited tools to do them with so advice gratefullly taken. My experiments are not always easy. Take for example my hate-love relationship with Amazon Associates. They love me, I’m at the stage of murdering them, because the the things don’t work. And I think I’ve earned a princely 88 cents for my efforts so… well maybe not.

I’m hoping to put the Amazon link for The Leprechaun and the Bootlace (my 99 cent experiment) up here too, but it’s not live yet. so here is the picture

And now I must run…

update –


    1. Err…I meant Anniversary! I was just thinking you must have meant thirtieth birthday since you are clearly too young to have been married for thirty years.

  1. 🙂 Thank you all. To add to chaos, we’ve finalized, today, that we will move house in this month. That’ll help the writing. Not.

  2. Happy anniversary and happy move. The first cover — no italics. Use Arial or Times New Roman for lettering. Make it AT LEAST twice as big as you have (and probably more.) Look at some of the pro covers for info. Takes a while to get one used to idea of how big and readable the font needs to be, though. Second cover, make font BIGGER. (grins.) Yeah, I know.
    I need to put more stuff up…

  3. And you know you can always use your middle name as a name on the romances. In the US it reads like “creative girl naming. Yeah, I know. AND no, not Walter .

    I don’t even know if it’s sexism or just a convention at this point. People KNOW about 1/4 of romance writers are men, but by GUM they should have the decency to PRETEND. 😛 (I find this very funny.)

    1. What was funny was mentioning a new “tough girl” romance line that Harlequin or Silhouette was putting out and having John Ringo chime in with “Hey, I could adapt something to that…”

      And after you got done giggling over the idea of John Ringo writing category romance you thought… dang, and that’s why he’s making money, ain’t it.


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