RIP Anne McCaffrey

This afternoon has been a sad one for many of us who love sf/fantasy. One of the best, Anne McCaffrey, has died. You can find more here.

I’m not going to say much. Just that I had the pleasure to meet here several times at book signings. She was the first author I’d ever waited in line to get her signature. The first time was when White Dragon came out. What made it so wonderful was the fact the signing took place in a small bookstore and McCaffrey was gracious and funny and took time to talk to everyone there. She brought me back into sf/fantasy with her Pern series.

So, to a grand lady who gave me many, many hours of escape through her books, you’ll be missed. But now you can fly with your dragons.



  1. Wherever she’s gone there are dragons. She was one of my first SF authors, and regardless of anything else her love of her story shone through her books.

  2. Ave atque Vale, Anne. She was part of an email list I participated in for a time, and unlike other luminaries, she was ALWAYS graceful, funny, interesting, and most of all “one of us,” giving herself no great airs, being a writer among writers. She DID bring me back to reading SF/F after my first hiatus, and Moreta is still one of my favorites.

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