Off to Supanova this Weekend

You have to admire people who go to this much trouble with their costumes!

Well, I’m off to Supanova this weekend. Depending on the city, 15 to 25 thousand people come through the door.  It’s the biggest event of this kind in Australia. I think it is probably like Comic Con in the US, although it could be more popular culture specific than comic con.

This Supanova is a home town event for me, in Brisbane. Lots of comic artist, writers, fans and a sprinkle of celebrities. I think Val Kilmer and Christopher Lloyd are coming.

Here's the Delorien.

I’ve bundled up my books, packed my bookmarks and stickers and my giant pull-up. Very pleased with the pull-up. The artist, Clint Langley’s dark brooding stranger looks terrific 2 metres tall!

Me talking to a reader with the pull-up behind me.

This photo was taken in Sydney when I lost my voice. I’d better not get sick this time.  I’m thinking of taking my lap top with me so I can work on my book in the evenings.

It’s funny, years ago SF fans were this weird minority.  Now the tropes of SF are mainstream and nobody thinks twice about ghosts, time travel, or aliens. Back in the 70s the SF convention was the only place where you could meet like-minded people. Back then there were a handful of professional authors and everyone else was a fan. The pop culture people came because it was the only place where no one blinked when they wore their Startek uniform. Now the SF Con is atrtended by about 300 people and most of them are authors, editors or aspiring authors. As a writer there’s not much point going if you want to meet new readers.  The readers and fans go to Supanova.

Is the split between professional writers and editors, and the fans and readers so clear in the US?

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  1. “Now the tropes of SF are mainstream and nobody thinks twice about ghosts, time travel, or aliens.” You realize that there is a kind of implicit challenge in there, to come up with new tropes for SF that will make people think twice? What would they be? Where are the boundaries of possibility now? Hum… something to ponder! THANKS!

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