While the cat’s away. . .

Chris is going to be away from internet access for the next few days.  So, instead of putting up a post and not being able to answer your comments, he decided to put up an open thread.  So the floor is yours.  The rest of the MGCers will be around, so have at it.  Ask any questions, make any comments or suggest possible topics.  The blog is yours today.

4 thoughts on “While the cat’s away. . .

  1. We’ve discussed writing as a craft, an artistic project that results in a practical, useful object, readily sold at the market.

    Now that we’re shaking off editorial direction and writing whatever we want, are we edging toward art for arts sake? Will the market keep us grounded, or will the access to the larger pool of infrequent readers produce an all new market?

    The main barrier to the later, that I see, is the mountain of slush that must be dug through to find the nuggets. Infrequent readers are unlikely to persevere. We’ll be lucky if they dig through the nuggets to find the oddball piece that would turn them into an avid hunter for more.

    And yet . . . there are so many of them out there!

  2. I think “And what are you doing for the Independence Day holiday” might have been a more approriate subject, except Americans might actually be a minority here, and they’re too busy doing it to get online. ;).

    1. It’s my favorite holiday of the year. 🙂 I have clothes I save to wear on the 4th. Other people love their country. I stalk it, send it love letters and b… blog post!

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