>Fun stuff for a change!

>We all work so hard (and I am still up to my neck with UNI marking and publisher deadline) that we forget how important it is to have fun. This is a no-holds-barred fun post.

I spent the weekend at Supanova, a massive pop culture event. And tomorrow I fly out to Melbourne for next weekend’s Supanova. You should see the costumes, everything from Manga to Doctor Who and Predator. Here I am being threatened by a Stormtrooper.

Took over 200 copies of my books along and sold out. Yay!

Now I know what it feels like to be a celebrity. The guest bus arrived and when we got out people cheered and flashes went off as they took photos. I thought I better enjoy this. It’s not like I’ll ever experience it again. LOL

Funniest moment: Going over to the venue in the bus and two of the Buffy stars doing an on-line Buffy quiz to see if they knew the answers.

So that is where I’ll be next weekend. Hope my books sell out again!

Have you let your hair down and had fun recently?


  1. >Sold out 200 copies? That is *excellent* news to bring home …I gets ta have fun this weekend. RavenCon, including meeting Kate and O'Mike. 🙂

  2. >It's been a weird year. The only time we had time to do really fun stuff was the two weeks my husband was unemployed. He got the 'flu and was so sick he didn't have time to be miserable about being out of work. And grabbed a job for more money before I'd gotten my resume polished up. Now he's so busy I'm lucky to haul him off for a movie and dinner now and then.But! We do regularly do the movie and dinner thing. For you Steam Punk devotees, go see Sucker Punch. Warning! Parts are very icky!But the fantasy parts are Punked, although not always Steamed. Dirigibles and biplanes, and steam powered zombies. The visuals were just excellent.

  3. >Yeah. WW One, else I'd have gotten to call them Steam Powered Zombie Nazis. Even cooler.The good guys were scantily clad, sword wielding young lady ninja/special forces types.All filmed in sepia.I tell you, the fantasy parts were _good._ But you'll have to wade through icky to get there.

  4. >I want to ask for a different metaphor! For those of us who don't have that much hair left to let down, but still want to have fun? Come on, shiny domes can have fun too! Rank discrimination, that's what it is…

  5. >Hmm. . . other metaphors for fun. To scatter pages to the wind (actually that sounds like a worst nightmare). To. . . run with cats. There.Today I decided to start a six-week diet before Winter makes it even less pleasant. Here's the fun bit: today I said a hearty goodbye to chocolate, and ate it to my heart's content. Mmm. . . chocolate-induced nausea. . .Louise Curtis

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