Well from time-to-time on this site we’ve talked about e-publishing as an alternative channel to the present set up. So: because this is very important to me, and because this is typical monkey fashion – talk ain’t enough, we need to start doing… go and have a look http://www.savethedragons.nu/

Which is a Miller and Lee style e-publishing venture.

SAVE THE DRAGONS is my own first venture into alternate publishing via a desperate need to fund my beasties stay in quarantine on their way to join us in Australia. (They are a responsibility I take seriously. But the cost is astronomical, and even with us selling up here we just can’t afford it. They were always part of our moving equation, but the exchange rate, low house prices and the huge cost of keeping them in quarantine is just crippling.) But, well, I love my animals and being me I must at least try. We don’t know if we can raise – even with what we have – enough for the project (about R150 000 – for quarantine for 7 and flights for 7… and then a month in Australia). The move pretty much means starting again from nothing, and we may have to do this in stages if we can. But I’m not known for giving up easily. I’m not much good at straight begging so I am selling what I can for them. Please go and have a look, and if you have suggestions for how we could enhance this or do better I’d be grateful.

I’d be grateful too if you mentioned it on your blogs.

Of course I’d be delighted if you decided to buy into it.


  1. >Psst? Get someone to run a discussion list (like the Theo Waitley discussion). LJ, Facebook, wherever. But people really enjoy chattering about the weekly postings. You don't have to participate unless you want to, but give them a "sanctioned" place for discussions.

  2. >Dave, I have my own pack and anyone who will go to so much effort to keep their pack together is a winner in my book. I'll be supporting your cause (although I'll first have to figure out paypal).

  3. >:-) Kylie Q – I may be alpha dog of my little pack, but I'm still wrinkled family retainer to the cats. Our way of treating our animals is a measure of us, I suppose. Thank you, on behalf of the pack.

  4. >A little more explanation? Sure.One of the things that Fledgling/Saltation did was that over at http://community.livejournal.com/theo_waitley there was a lively weekly discussion of the postings — and I know we had people who got hooked on the community. It turned out that a lot of people enjoyed talking about what they were reading, not just reading. So…I could (or you could, or Francis could) grab an LJ community. Or use the Facebook one you've already got going. Get some su…er, volunteer to put up some questions regularly. And promote the discussion on your main site — link to it, so that people know this is the right place to got talk about the chapters.Does that help?

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