>The Writing Chair

>Recently someone asked to see a picture of my writing chair, which I talk about a lot. This is my view of the chair from my business/internet desk in my office. When I’m doing all that busy-ness, the chair is there reminding me that the first and foremost activity of my career is writing.

When I go over and sit in the chair, I’m disconnected from all the distractions of the business arena. There’s a mug of tea beside me, and the petting couch for my furry muses right next to the chair. I have a shawl to keep my legs warm on cold days. The bulletin board with pictures to inspire my writing is more for when I’m at the desk—an additional enticement to go over and write. I can’t actually see it much from the chair.

A window to the right overlooks my back yard, where I’ve put up bird feeders and am developing a butterfly garden. Mountains in the distance. At night, I like a cozy cave-like environment, so I usually only have the stained glass lamp on.

The chair is a recliner and I write on a laptop. This allows me to avoid the physical fatigue problems that come from working on a laptop with more conventional furniture. My arms and wrists are supported.

My writing laptop never connects to the internet. This is crucial—email is a tempting distraction. Even more insidious is research: “Oh, I’ll just look up this one detail I need…” and half an hour later I wake up, having meandered down the primrose websurfing path.

It took me a while to put together this environment for my writing. I gradually assembled the separate writing computer, the side table and lamp, and found the perfect chair which a gift from my dear departed mother-in-law helped to pay for. My writing corner is perhaps eight feet square, and it’s one of the most important areas in my house.

Every writer needs a good writing environment. Some like to write in coffee shops, others at the kitchen table. Kris Rusch, in her blog series for freelancers, has some good general recommendations about setting up a workspace. Her advice is not specific to writers but certainly applies, and she describes her own writing environments.

That’s where I write. How about you?


  1. >I have an office, with two huge old tables -around 30 square feet of surface – which are very cluttered with books, papers, bills etc. I see wood every new book 🙂

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