>A Very Happy Easter

Life is good.

I have just dined with my wife, grown up daughters, and their boyfriends in a family meal.

First, we watched the Easter Dr Who Special. This programme is a throwback to the seventies as saturday night entertainment for the whole family, something that is supposed to be obsolete. Dr Who has been an incredible success because it has great scripts, superb performances by actors rather than stars, great direction, and appropriate SFX designed to support the plot not supplant it.

This issue was wonderful, with a London double-decker bus that travels through a wormhole. There was a nod to the Old Programmes with an appearance by UNIT lead by a black female officer – remember that from Sylvester McCoy’s days.

Quality is for ever, fads die.

Life is also good because I am within two scenes (750 words) of finishing ‘Last Man Standing’ that has to be delivered next week – there are time penalty clauses in my contract. I have to produce a publishable piece on the agreed subject, on the agreed date, at the agreed length.

May I wish everyone a happy Easter with their family and friends.


(The picture is of Chilham Church taken in Feb, 2009)


  1. >Dear KylieFrom the ending:”Beware Doctor, your song is almost ending. He comes through the dark. He will knock four times. Four times, Doctor.”John

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