>Storming Hell

The short story is supposed to be a dead art form but somehow it staggers on in SF & F.

I have always been a keen fan of reading short stories. I also enjoy writing them. It is a different skill to writing a novel. You learn to be concise and well planned. You don’t have room for a single wasted word.

I am rather chuffed to find that one of my shorts is the cover story for the April ‘Jim Baen’s Universe’ magazine (see pic).

I have also just sold a story to Black Library based on the universe of Warhammer 40,000AD. It is called Last Man Standing and is going well.

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  1. >Our genre must be the only one where short stories are still published and feature in awards.Most film scripts contain as much plot as a short story. Quite a few SF films have been based on short stories.

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