>Save Realms of Fantasy Magazine

>It’s a beautiful magazine, with wonderful stories and gorgeous illustrations. It’s a market I’ve wanted to sell to for years. Now with the economy struggling, the publishers have announced that Realms of Fantasy will be discontinued.

A lot of us don’t want that to happen.

How to prevent it? Ideas are cooking. It will mean committing to support the mag, which means subscribing (not possible at the moment, but stay tuned), and other ways of helping.

There are groups supporting this effort on Facebook and Livejournal. Join one, join both, and share your ideas and enthusiasm for keeping this great magazine going.


  1. >If Realms is closing do you know how the other large magazines are doing?Are we about to see a domino effect?In Australia, we don't really expect our SF& F magazines to make money. The population is too small, distribution is just about impossible and most are done on a shoe string budget for love.Cheers, R.

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