>Promo Comes in Unexpectedly Handy

>Recently I had one of those rare and glorious days when a check comes in from the publisher. After enjoying the glow, I dashed off to the bank to deposit it.

Since writers receive checks rarely, and in my case the checks are usually (alas) larger than the bank account balance, bankers look askance at such deposits. They like to place holds on the funds, just in case you were making it up or something. What, you getting a big check from Major Publisher, Inc.? A likely story!

Therefore I wasn’t surprised when the teller started yakking at me about the check. Since I couldn’t hear her over the drive-up speaker, I went inside, and in the spirit of self-promotion (and because I still have some to give away), I took a couple of my Ælven calendars in with me.

As I’d suspected, she was concerned about the check from Major Publisher. Had I written a book for them or something?

“Why, yes!” quoth I, and handed her the calendars. “This book.”

Suddenly all was well, my check was deposited, my funds unrestrained. My investment in promotional materials justified.

Maybe she’ll even think about buying the book.

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  1. >Go Pati!I’ve just been scrambling to find a bank that will convert UK pounds or NZ dollars to Australian dollars at a reasonable price. Some of my kid’s book royalties are down to $80 now and my old bank wanted to charge $40 to convert them, which makes it almost worthless. I hate being ripped off.Luckily I’ve found bank that will do it for $10! Cheers, R.

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